About Us

Late in 2009 a group of expat golfers were sat in a bar (how unusual) chatting away when it was suggested that it might be a good idea to organise a golf day with the aim of getting local golfers to come, play golf, and socialise in the 19th afterwards. Prior to that time a couple of the local bars had organised some golf events with varying degrees of participation, but nothing on a regular basis.

One of the group, Derek, obviously with plenty of time on his hands, decided to progress this idea; he recruited another golfer, Alan, probably with even more time available, to help him in this task. The outcome was that in January 2010 some 32 golfers of varying handicaps and a wide range of nationalities gathered at Dancoon Golf Club for the inaugural Khon Kaen Golf event. The 18 hole stableford competition was won by Terry, a Canadian, with a 28 handicap, everyone gathered in the clubhouse afterwards for the prize giving and to sample the hospitality afforded by the club; there was even some polite laughter at Alan’s attempt at a golf joke. All seemed to agree that the day had been a great success; since that time Khon Kaen Golf has continued to hold an event on the last Thursday of every month.

In January 2011 it was agreed that a second monthly event would be possible. The idea was the second event would be more of a ‘fun day’ offering differing formats of the game that would include such things as Texas Scramble, pairs competitions, team events and a 4 club challenge; again, these events continue to the present day.

From the beginning the primary aim has been for golfers to meet other golfers, enjoy a round of golf and socialise afterwards. We all have our regular group with whom we play week in, week out, but how often do you get the chance to play with someone different? These events have also been a useful catalyst for people who may be new to the area, or just visiting for a time, to meet up with like minded people, and forge new friendships.

It is our intention that Khon Kaen Golf will continue to facilitate these golf days for the enjoyment of the golfer, local and visitor alike.

We also aim to promote the game of golf within the Khon Kaen area.

KKG has a very loose interpretation of the term 'member', basically you become a member once you have played in a couple of our events. We have no joining fee or membership fee. We are self financing to the extent that we charge each player a small entrance fee to take part in our events, all of this money is used to provide prizes for those events. Should there be a surplus in one month this is retained to cover any shortfalls in subsequent months. The organisers, and any others involved in the running of KKG, receive no remuneration or gratuities for their services and provide their time, effort and resources for free.

We do not actively seek sponsorship for our events. Should an individual or organisation feel inclined to donate prizes to any of our events, they will be gratefully accepted and this will be acknowledged, unless otherwise requested.

Khon Kaen Golf has long been organised by Alan Griffiths and Mick '6 Iron' Collins. Now that there is only Mick, he will rely on the assistance of all the players to help the golf days run smoothly.
                                        Mick Collins