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Isaan Golf Association

Please note: 
Khon Kaen Golf and Isaan Golf Association are seperate organisations, although we do have a lot of synergy with each other.  

Isaan Golf Association




As the New Year is upon us, I.G.A Members will note that their 2013 cards expired on December 31.  Not to worry, your new cards are now available.  Renewal memberships are 500 baht, and new memberships are 600 baht.

I.G.A. remains a ‘club of convenience’, in that we do not schedule regular weekly or monthly events. Many of our local members play golf with the Khon Kaen Golf group, the Udon Golf Society, and the informal but very active Nong Khai Mob.  I.G.A. has by far the largest membership in Isaan. We also offer Laos I.G.A. membership, as well as claiming golfers from many other parts of Thailand and other countries.



The highlight of each year is our annual Isaan/Chiang Mai Challenge.  This will be our 9th consecutive 3 day competition and it will once again be held at Singha Park in Khon Kaen. The dates are usually early Nov (to be advised nearer the time).  First day is a social mixed teams Texas Scramble, followed by two days of Match Play for the much-coveted Challenge Cup, which unfortunately is TEMPORARILY residing in Chiang Mai.

Our primary goal is to gain concessions from golf courses and hotels where many of our members play, and stay


This year we have exclusive promotions from the following golf courses:


Singha Park, Khon Kaen.   This is a ‘Santiburi’ course and is currently hosting several professional events.  It is the undisputed gem of the Khon Kaen area.

I.G.A. Discount:  30% discount off greens’ fees every day, except for Sports Days.


Victory Park, Nong Khai.    By far the best course in the Udon/Nong Khai area.  We are also pleased to report that the new management is putting a lot of effort and money into course improvements.  It is in the best condition for many years, once again boasting very fast greens !

I.G.A. Discount:   For all of 2013, Monday thru Friday, greens’ fees and caddy fee:  700 baht.  (Walk in, 1200 baht).  Victory Park will normally offer us a Sports’ Day after the termination of their High Season, March 1.


Voyage Panorama:  A very highly recommended and entertaining Resort course in Khao Yai.  (Ask for the manager, Khun James).

Web Site:  www.panoramacountryclub.com/

I.G.A. Discount:  40% off greens’ fees, excluding Sports’ days.           


Dansavanh Golf Resort:  This wild 18 hole Resort course is located about 1 ½  hours north of Vientiane, Laos near the old Russian-built casino.  It is an 18 hole jungle/mountain course that wraps around the hills. A massive challenge, great fun, but bring lots of balls!

Web Site: www.dansavanh.com/golfclub/index.html

I.G.A. Discount:  30% off greens’ fees daily, excluding days of their own promotions. (Ask for the manager, Rey).


DanCoon Resort and Golf Club, Khon Kaen: This local 18 hole course is constantly going through changes and the ever-changing family management is non-committal regarding ex-pats supporting the course.  The present management ‘unofficially’ awards us a token discount. It will not hurt to show your card. Many do receive a ‘discount’, however, there is no formal agreement at this time. It sadly seems that they want evolve into the old ‘two-tiered’ pricing system. Let’s hope not.



Important note to all of our members:  All discounts are courtesy discounts and are based upon annual agreements but could be denied at the discretion of our Partners at any time.  Hotel discounts, of course are dependent upon availability of rooms. We ask all members to be IGA Ambassadors for the sake of future members passing the same way.  Be courteous with staff, and please handle your own reservations and tee times.  The vast majority of past problems has been a result of Thai wives and/or Thai partners “demanding” discounts and being “Thai-on-Thai” demanding of service.


Final note:  I.G.A. is becoming widely recognized and many of our members have received ‘reciprocal’ discounts from a wide range of golf courses throughout Thailand.  I have had personal success in Khao Yai, Kanchanaburi, and Chiang Mai. Many other members have reported similar success.  Most golf courses (and hotels) have schemes for promotions and discounts, and your photo ID IGA card might just do the trick.  I have even received discounts on Scottish golf courses!  They thought the ID card so unique and distant that they were happy to give me reduced member-visitor rates.


Remember:  If you don’t ask, you will never receive a discount !



Partner Hotels

Khon Kaen.

Kosa     Normal walk in rate:  2080 baht.     IGA rate:  1180 including breakfast


Pullman Royal Orchid:     Normal walk in Standard room, 3800 baht.  

IGA rate:  2200 baht for SUPERIOR ROOM w/breakfast, advanced reservation requested.



* All ID cards are numbered and registered, and to be valid they must have your photo attached and the card must be sealed.  No photo, no discount. No exceptions!




For information about getting your I.G.A. Member card, please contact:

Nong Khai:           Trevor                      trevhanno9@yahoo.com


Khon Kaen:       6 Iron Mick        mick_collins@hotmail.com  (that is mick_collins)


Vientiane:          Mac                  AMcRae@boartlongyear.com


General info:      Tim                   Tim490@hotmail.com