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Northern Thailand Challenge

Dear fellow Isaan Golfers:
For those of you who had the opportunity to play in the Chiang Mai vs. Isaan Challenge Cup in the past years knows that this was a fun event in which we played not only three days of Golf but also enjoyed the after Golf get together with friends and Golfers from different areas of Thailand. Sadly Tim Seitz the organizer on the Isaan side returned in May 2014 to his homeland the United States and as a result the Khon Khaen tournament has disappeared in his form.
So we thought that there is a need to do something towards the same idea but maybe closer to our home, so it can be organized by the Chiang Mai Social Golfers jointly with the Sanuk Sabai Social Golfers for everyone who wishes to participate.
We would like to present to you the first “Northern Thailand Golf Challenge”.
We have chosen Chiang Rai for this event and received preferred rates from the Santiburi Golf Course as well as from the Wancome Hotel and the Diamond Park Inn.
The dates are from the 18th until 20th of November 2014. Right after the Asian Tour, Chiang Mai Classic at Alpine.
Suggested arrival in Chiang Rai on Monday the 17th, and at 19:00 hours we will have a little get together with Beer and finger food (more details will follow).
The first Tee off is at 09:00 hours on November 18th.
The participation is open to anyone who has a verifiable Handicap. If we tried to arrange a challenge between groups it would again restrict us to a fixed number on each side. Therefore we want to create the teams after we closed the registration process on October 20th. The teams will be called the “Red Team” and the “Blue Team”.
To ensure a fair balance we will first divide the players in Handicap Categories (A – (Hdcp 1 – 9), B (10 – 19), C - (20 – 32)) and than draw equal number of player from each category into the Red Team and the Blue Team.
This would ensure on paper two balanced teams.
The playing formats will be like in Khon Khaen, the first days format is a friendly Scramble in which 2 players from the Red Team will be joined 2 players from the Blue Team and compete together against the rest of the teams. No Strokes will be given or received, so the combined Handicap of all teams will be very close together.
The second day will be the first day of competition with a 2 man Best Ball Match Play or also called “Four Ball”. The maximum points won per team is 3, one for winning the front nine, one for winning the back nine and yes you guessed correct the last point is for the overall. In case a match is a draw than logical each Team will receive 1.5 points.
The last day is a Singles Match Play, again players will compete against each other with the fewest difference in Handicap as possible. Again maximum points won is 3.


If you need the Logos or anything else to promote the event in the Udon or Khon Kaen area please let me know and I will provide you with what you need.


In the meantime the event is published as of today @ http://chiangmaisocialgolfers.org/2014/07/21/ntgc-2014/