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Handicaps and Score Cards

Handicaps as from 31st July 2019..... The handicap adjustments, in accordance with CONGU rules, allow for players shooting a strong 9 holes to have a default 18 points added to the other 9 for handicap adjusting purposes.                    

(Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental)

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If you wish to view handicap revisions through this and previous years then follow this link...

All years handicap revisions

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Changes since last handicap review

After a number of events and decent scores, there have been a few minor changes as follows:

Recent changes - since last website update to July 31

Bengt Engstrom cut to 10

Gareth Davies cut to 19

John Brown cut to +1

Note: Some golfers have requested more frequent handicap reviews / competitions so as to enable handicap review.

Anyone is entitled to submit signed scorecards from non KK golf days from any 18 hole course (not the Agricultural / Sribouriruk) and these will be considered in the monthly handicap re-evaluation. Just ensure that your card is signed by the player AND marker and that the names of both are clearly visible.

If interested, our handicap system is outlined below.

As those of us who live here know, it can be difficult to obtain and maintain a golf handicap in Thailand; none of our local courses have a club associated with them, which is the usual method of getting a handicap. To help resolve this situation Khon Kaen Golf maintains a handicap system for those who play in our events on a regular basis and have no recourse to any other handicapping system.
The system we use is based on the CONGU system as used in the UK; the full CONGU system can only be used if you are an officially affiliated club, which of course we are not. Since we started in early 2010 our handicaps, although not official, have been shown to be a fair reflection of a golfer’s ability and have stood up well when compared to the handicaps declared by visiting golfers. Other systems for maintaining handicaps are available, notably the American (USGA) or the European (EGA) systems; however both of these require a Course Rating and a Slope Rating, as these are not available for any of our courses we will keep to our interpretation of the CONGU system for the present time. Should anyone want further information on our handicapping system they are welcome to contact us.