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At our last event a suggestion was made that we should change our normal golfing day from a Thursday to a Wednesday; the idea being that we would not have to 'change days' when playing at Singha Park.

The more we thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea, especially as playing at Singha Park is becoming more frequent.

Other considerations were: 

The original reason for playing on a Thursday was a request from Dancoon GC.

To the best of our knowledge, all our members have a great deal of flexibility on the day they can play. 

Playing on a Wednesday has no effect at any of the other local courses.

Therefore, from 01.01.13. Khon Kaen Golf will endeavour to hold all its golf events on a WEDNESDAY.

 Now we realise this has not been a very democratic decision (basically, up until now, you have not been consulted), which is not the way we like to do things. This decision can easily be changed or reversed depending upon your wishes. If you have any comments, or reservations, about this decision then please get in touch with us.  There are various ways you can do this:

1. Go to the 'Contact Us' page and use the form, or send an email.

2. Use the forum to make your views known.

3. Speak to  Mick.

We feel this is a positive move for KKG, we hope you agree.     

We are introducing at least 2 new events in 2013.

KKG Championship

Many Golf Clubs and Societies have their own ‘annual championship’ the winner of which becomes their ‘Champion Golfer’ for the year. KKG are now introducing our own ‘championship’.

Competition Conditions

1.     The competition will be held annually.

2.    The format will be STROKEPLAY over 18 holes, at a venue to be decided by the organisers.

3.    The winner will be the player with the lowest nett score i.e. gross score less handicap.

4.    In the event of a tie, standard KKG countback rules will apply (see web site for details).

5.    The competition will be open to any player who has taken part in a minimum of 4 events organised by KKG over the previous 12 months (from the date of the competition).

6.    The competition will be played under the ‘Rules of Golf’ and these will be strictly adhered to. Any local rules applying to the competition will be announced by the organisers on the day.

 The date for the 'KKG Championship' is to be decided.


KKG Player of the Year

Commencing in 2013 we are introducing a new competition to KKG, The Player of the Year. The aim is to recognise the ‘best’, or most consistent, player over 12 months.

Competition Conditions.

1.    The competition will run throughout the calendar year, January to December.

2.    The competition is open to all players who take part in the golf events organised by KKG.

3.    Qualifying events will be any individual stableford competition.

4.    The stableford points score for each competitor will be recorded.

5.    The winner will be the player who has the highest aggregate number of stableford points from their best 4 competition results.

6.    There is no limit to the number of events in which a player may compete.

7.    A prize will be awarded on the last event day of the year, in December.


1.    We have stipulated ‘the best 4 rounds’ to widen the ‘field’ as much as possible. Obviously not everyone can play every game; we have ‘residents’ who play regularly, those who have work commitments, and those who are long term visitors who support us every year, but can only play a limited number of events.

2.    We will publish a table on the web site every month, showing year to date results and the comparative position of individuals.

We hope you will enjoy trying to win this new award.