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Match-play Knock out

2017 Commentary
Once again a convenient 16 players (thanks guys!!) signed up for the 2017 event. Last years' champion Dave Gorno faces Thor Hansen and in the other half of the draw, Deni Price faces Jeff Hull in what is probably the tie of the round. Again, good luck to all taking part.
2016 Commentary
16 players (conveniently!) signed up for the 2016 event, draw sheet attached, and we hope it will be the similar success the last two years events have been. Good luck to all taking part.

2015 Commentary
Google Drive is playing the proverbial silly beggars at the moment it seems, so if you cannot access the file above, the draw is as follows:
We await the final now that the draw has unravelled itself and the final pair are known. Remy (8) will play Cam McDonald (12) in the final, venue to be arranged yet I understand. Good luck guys and well done for getting this far. Commiserations to Stacy who was unable to appear in the semi final on account of moving away to Chiang Mai. Good luck Stacy in your new life up there!
The final was concluded in September with Cam McDonald defeating Remy 3 & 2 in what I understand was a disappointing Dancoon course (it seems at this time of year, when wet, little grass cutting is done and the fairways and rough are not easy to distinguish!). Congratulations to Cam in winning the event.
Cam receives the trophies from Mick Collins
Remy finished 2nd in the event, here receiving consolation prizes on finishing runner up.
Our thanks to everyone for competing in the event this year and completing matches in a timely fashion, thank you!

Round 1  (concluded by May 31)

Match 1: Brian Proctor v Deni Price (Deni wins, score to be confirmed)
Match 2: Remy (1 hole) v John Brown
Match 3: Tom Smith (2 holes) v Cliff Saveall
Match 4: Charlie Faulkner v Keith Wood  (2&1)
Match 5: Hugh Campbell v Garry Taylor (7&5)
Match 6: Mick Fahey (5&3) v Mick Collins
Match 7: Roy Yonaoshi (2 holes) v Jeff Barnes
Match 8: Jeff Hull (19th hole) v Harry Farquhar
Match 9: Dave Gourno v Mike Phillips (2&1)
Match 10: Graham Burke (5&3) v John Newell
Match 11: Trevor Edge v John Thrower (5&3)

Round 2: (to be concluded by June 30)

A: Winner Deni Price v Remy (2 holes)
B: Winner Tom Smith (Tom wins, score to be confirmed) v Keith Wood
C: Winner Garry Taylor v Mick Fahey (walk over)
D: Winner Roy Yonaoshi v Stacy Barham (4&3)
E: Winner Jeff Hull (6&5) v Mike Court
F: Winner Mike Phillips (6&5) v Peter Nicholls
G: Winner Graham Burke v Cam McDonald (hole 19)
H: Winner John Thrower v John Ward (3&2)

Quarter Finals: (concluded by July 31)

QF1: Remy (4&2) v Tom Smith
QF2: Mick Fahey v Stacy Barham (putting green)
QF3: Jeff Hull (4 & 2) v Mike Phillips
QF4: Cam McDonald (hole 19) v John Ward

Semi-Finals: (concluded by Aug 31)

SF1: Remy (walk over) v Stacy Barham
SF2: Jeff Hull v Cam McDonald (4 & 3)

Final (concluded by Sep 30)

Remy v Cam McDonald (3 & 2)

Competition Conditions

1.     The format will be MATCHPLAY over 18 holes. In the event of a tie after 18 holes, the players must play sudden death knock out on the practice putting green to determine the winner, flipping a coin to decide who putts first and to which hole, then alternating until a winner is found (unless the players agree to a rematch before the deadline for round completion)

2.    The venue can be decided by the pairings (eg it might be mutually convenient to play at the Dam for example) but if agreement cannot be reached, the match must be played at Dancoon GC.

3.    MATCHPLAY rules apply, and full handicaps used. Therefore a player off 11 drawn against a player off 24, the higher handicap receives (24-11) 13 shots, to be used one shot on each of the 13 hardest holes according to the Stroke Index of the card of the course.

4.    Cost of entry for the whole competition is 100 Baht, and there will be a trophy / prizes for the winner / runner up. The competition will be sponsored by The No 1 bar in Khon Kaen.

5.     Dates / deadlines for round completion shown on the Draw Sheet (see below). We have 27 players now, so a preliminary round will be required to determine the last 16, and then the draw takes care of itself. Draw has been made on April 8th at Dancoon, 22 players in the first round, the 11 winners of which will join the 5 who received byes to form the last 16.

7. 1st round matches to be completed BEFORE May 31. Please contact Mick or John on the phone numbers provided on the Draw Sheet above with the results of games played, or by email to . We also do have phone numbers for everyone and we can provide your opponents number on request. 

2014 Commentary
The preliminary matches were concluded in advance of the May 31 deadline (thanks all!!) with all but one game actually played. Arild Handegaard was travelling in Thailand and offered Keith Wood passage to the next round. Just as well that sentence fit onto one line (!)In the other games, Doctor Ken beat Cliff Saveall 4&2 having trailed by two holes at one stage I am led to believe. Ken faces Hugh Campbell in the next round. Mick Collins beat Jeff Barnes in the tightest match so far, 2&1, Mick has a tough match and faces Dave Gourno in the next round. John Thrower overcame Stacy Barham to win 4&3 and with a tough draw faces John Brown next. Tommy Hongell beat Charlie Faulkner 4&3 in a match played at the Agricultural Course, Tom Smith overcame Roy in another tight game, 2&1. Graham Burke beat Jussi Virkanen 5&4 to complete the picture. Congratulations to the winners and indeed all who took part....22 out of 23 will lose one match after all!!!!

Round 1 Proper:
Pete Nicholls progressed to the last eight by virtue of beating Trevor Edge 6&4 and in another one sided match, John Brown beat John Thrower 7&5 to make the last eight.
Unfortunately, Tommy Hongell had to return to Finland and was unable to participate, so handed a bye to Gordon Richards.
We have yet to have a game to go to sudden death on the putting green, and in the other ties, Mick Fahey beat Graham Burke, Doctor Ken overcame Hugh Campbell, Tom Smith beat Garry Taylor, Dave Gourno disposed of Mick Collins, and Gene Coffman completes the last 8 by overcoming Keith Wood.

The Quarter finals are:

Mick Fahey (17) v Doctor Ken (9):  Doctor Ken survived a later onslaught by Toppy who was 5 down at one stage but still managed to take it to the 18th.....
Gordon Richards (28) v John Brown (0): John Brown overcame Gordon 4 & 3
Tom Smith (25) v Dave Gourno (4): Tom caused perhaps the surprise of the round by defeating Dave
Gene Coffman (12) v Peter Nicholls (27): Credit to Gene and Peter who were all square after 18 holes and elected to play again rather than the shoot out on the putting green. Peter defeated Gene to claim a spot in the last 4.

The Semi Finals:

Doctor Ken (9) v John Brown (0): Ken overcame John Brown 4 & 3 after completing the front 9 in 37 gross.
Tom Smith (25) v Peter Nicholls (24): Peter Nicholls won through in a closer match, 2 & 1

The Final:

Early on the morning of September 12th at Singha Park GC, Peter and Ken played out the Matchplay final in sunny conditions on a shorter than usual Singha Park course with many tees forwards on account of a lack of run on the fairways one assumes, due to the recent rains.
It was closely fought affair, with Peter taking an early lead and Ken fighting back. Peter sinking some lengthy putts to maintain his advantage. On the 18th tee, the match was all square and with Peter getting a shot on the stroke index 4 hole, another lengthy putt holed for a par (net 4) was enough to win the competition.
Well done to everyone who participated in this first event of this kind, and to Number 1 Bar for sponsoring the event. 
  Peter Nicholls with the trophy

Doctor Ken finishing runner up.

A new competition for 2014.

With increasing numbers to KK Golf and a significant number of regulars, we have decided to try the first ‘Matchplay Knock Out’ event (sponsored by the No 1 Bar) to run outside of the normal mid month and end of month gatherings. Many Golf Clubs and Societies have competitions such as this, and in the interests of generating further competition and for members of KK Golf to meet and play against each other, we are going to give this a trial and hopefully it will become a regular event which could even be extended with further competitions for fourball knockouts / pairs in future years.