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If there is sufficient demand we will reinstate this competition for 2013. Based on last year's sales we are considering a 30 ticket competition rather than 50.
Please email with your thoughts if you wish this to continue.
To remind ourselves what the rules were....


Simple Description.

You pick a number in the range 01 – 50. This number will correspond to the name of a top-ranked professional. The winner will be the person whose ‘professional’ finishes highest after the final round. You will not know the name of your professional until just before 'The Open’ commences.


Entrance Fee is 100THB per number. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. A count-back system will resolve ‘ties’. All monies will be returned as prizes.




Far more Complicated Description.  (2012)

Each participant will pick a number within the range 01 – 50. This number will correspond to the name of a professional golfer who is in the top 50 of the world rankings. The names of the ‘professionals’ will be allocated to the numbers randomly (e.g. if you pick 01 this does not mean you will get Rory McIlroy or Luke Donald, it could be anyone in the top 50).

The winner will be the participant whose ‘professional’ finishes in the highest position after the final round of this year’s 'Open' (i.e. not necessarily the winner).

Ties. In the event 'The Open' goes to a play-off, the winner of the play-off will be deemed to be 1st, the other competitor(s) in the play-off will be deemed to be 2nd (tied 2nd). Ties will be resolved by a count-back system. The winner (of the tie) will be the ‘professional’ who has the lowest score for round 4, if still tied the lowest for round 3, and so on down to round 1. If still a tie after this the prize will be shared.

The competitor list for 'The Open' will not be finalised until 16th July. This list will be used to determine the top 50 players competing, as published on the ‘Official World Golf Ranking’ web site. If there are late withdrawals (prior to play commencing for the first round) their name will be replaced by the next highest ranked player, who is taking part.

The ‘PGA Tour’ web site will be used to determine the results and the scores from the rounds (if required).


The pick-a-winner comp will open during the prize-giving after our next golf day (28th June); from 29th June the entry sheet will be available at Leo’s bar; it will close on 16th July. The list of numbers and associated participants will be published (and updated) on this Khon Kaen Golf web site. The final list which will include the names of the ‘professionals’ will be published on this site as soon after 12:00 on 17th July as possible. A printed copy will also be on display in Leo’s Bar.


Hopefully this covers all the bases, but if not let us know asap so a decision can be made.

No    Name               Professional