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Recent Events

17th October 2018. mid month event, Dancoon GC

Another low turn out and an unworkable number for a team event so it was an individual stableford off the yellow tees this time given the recent sunny dry weather with the course in fine condition (note: the rains were to return later in the month to soak the place again!!!).
Dave Gourno rolled back the years with a sublime 42 points to smash the event, Steve Parrott came second with 38 points. Well done the winners and our thanks to those that turned up!!

Dave Gourno, 13 pars, 4 birdies in his 42 point haul....well done Dave!

Steve Parrott with 38 points, 2nd

26th September 2018, end of month event, Ubolratana GC

Only 11 players for the end of month event at Ubolratana GC (only 4 from Khon Kaen itself!!!) which was played in good competitive spirits and enjoyed by all. The weather was on the warm side, which may have deterred a few from attending, the temperatures sure have ramped up recently as the rain season recedes.
The results:-

Winner: Steve Hoss 35 points
Runner - up: Thor Hansen 34 points
Nearest pins: Steve Parrott hole 5
Cam McDonald hole 14

Steve Hoss, winner with 35 points

Thor Hansen, another 2nd place finish

12th September 2018. mid month event, Dancoon GC

The rains held off for the most part but there was an hours' deluge for the 11 participants at Dancoon GC for the mid-month event. Once again the numbers didn't work for a team game so it was individual stableford off the white tees.

Dave Gourno won the event with 40 points (not bad off 4 handicap!!!) with Thor Hansen 2nd on 39 points

Dave winner and receiving his prizes from Mick Collins

2nd place for Thor Hansen with a creditable 39 points

29th August 2018, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

A fair number of 'regulars' are away at present and therefore it was a field of 17 that participated at Singha Park GC for the end of month stableford event (only 16 completed round cards submitted). The event commenced under heavy skies with light and then heavy rain at first then pleasant with a strong wind adding to sauna conditions for the remainder of the round.
No stranger to the winners rostrum then as Paul Samme once again took the spoils with 36 points. Nigel Busfield came in a creditable 2nd with 36 points losing on countback and Graham Burke finished the podium off with a 3rd place finish, well done all!!
Cam McDonald (8th hole) and Doctor Ken (17th) were nearest the pins.

Winner: Paul Samme 36 points
Runner up: Nigel Busfield 36 points
3rd: Graham Burke 35 points
Pins: Hole 8: Cam McDonald
Hole 17: Doctor Ken

Paul Samme with the trophy once again and with prizes (pic below)

15th August 2018, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

Well, fine drizzle greeted those who turned up for the mid-month event at Dancoon GC and a combination of the uncertain weather and an imbalance in the handicaps of those who were there, meant there was no real scope for a team event / Scramble, and with the rain hissing down softening the fairways, which are always soft at this time of year, it was a single stableford event off the white tees!!! As it turned out, the weather relented by hole 5 or 6 and a fine day broke out!

Some decent scoring to be fair, with the first 3 all breaking par and it was John Brown, currently on some good form, who won the event again with 40 points, comprising 12 pars, 5 birdies and a bogey. Jerry Lundeen was 2nd on a countback with 39 and Dave Gourno completed the podium with 39 points.

John Brown, seemingly in good form at present

Jerry Lundeen 2nd, a creditable 39 points

Dave Gourno 3rd here, also 39 points

25th July 2018, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

A decent turn out of 20 golfers at Ubolratana GC for the end of month stableford event, which is always well supported by the Udon Thani crowd (thanks guys!!) and by virtue of their regular participation there outside of these events always makes them slight favourites. So it proved once again on this occasion with Harry Farquhar pipping Steve Hoss on countback, both with 38 points. Thor Hansen carried the flag for the KK golfers but was sandwiched by a multitude of Udon golfers who filled the prize slots!!


Winner: Harry Farquhar 38 points
Runner up: Steve Hoss 38 pts
3rd: Jeff Barnes 36 pts
4th: Thor Hansen 36 pts
5th: John Ward 36 pts
Nearest pins:
Cam McDonald
Graham Burke

Harry with the trophy once again and prizes below

11th July 2018, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

The rains have been falling here in Isaan as the rain season takes hold and the thundery showers pass away as a distant but loud memory!!! Dancoon is never the best course locally for a period of rain and once again it is showing its teeth in this regard as the fairways become runless and soft.
So it was then to this event which once again saw an unworkable number turn up for a team event and so the draw was made for individual single stableford off the white tees to compensate for the lack of run*.

As has happened before, the non-existence of a strong starter allowed a Thai 6 ball to tee off ahead of the 14 players participating in the event in conditions that were humid early on with water vapour rising from the soaked fairways as well as the heat from the sun. A breeze later on helped matters though!!!

Anyway, in a round consisting of 7 birdies and 11 pars, John Brown came home with a creditable 43 points to seal the deal from an unlucky Dean Kellard in 2nd place also with 43 points!!! John winning on countback! *lack of run if you are unable to carry the ball 250 yards off the tee!!!


Winner: John Brown 43 points
Runner up: Dean Kellard 43 points
3rd: Thor Hansen 37 points

Well done guys!!

John Brown and a whopping 43 pointer

27th June 2018, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

An overcast morning for the 23 golfers who arrived at Singha Park for the end of month stableford event, with the heavy rains of the previous evening allowing for little or no run on the fairways despite the excellent drainage Singha Park provides. Indeed, the greens, despite recent downpours were lightning quick with a lot struggling on the marble-esque surfaces.
The scores though, were phenominal, with 42 points being necessary to win the event, and that by a very welcome and clearly able newcomer!! A special mention though to John Brown who carded a gross level par 72 to finish 9th....!!! Enough said.....results:-

Winner: Geoff Bracegirdle 42 points
Runner-up: Doctor Ken 41 points
3rd: Cam McDonald 40 points
4th: Hugh Campbell 40 points
5th: Dave Gourno 39 points
Nearest pins: Hole 5: Eugene Wynne
Hole 13: John Brown

Rogues gallery:-

Geoff Bracegirdle holds the trophy proudly aloft

Receiving his well earned prizes from Mick Collins

Cam McDonald in 3rd, Doctor Ken couldn't hang around for the presentations

13th June 2018. Mid month event, the Gerry Mann memorial event

In memory of one of our golfers, the late Gerry Mann 27 players turned up at Dancoon GC for an individual stableford off the white tees. A great turn out so thanks to everyone who came and made the day so enjoyable.

The gathering for the Gerry Mann event

In the end we had a new name to the winners' rostrum with Nigel Busfield coming home with 41 points!!! The results as follows:-

Winner: Nigel Busfield 41 points
Runner-up: Trevor Edge 39 points
3rd: Steve Hoss 39 points
4th: John Hufflett 37 points
5th Thor Hansen 36 points
Nearest Pins:
Hole 7: Jeff Barnes
Hole 17: John Brown

Visitors from Wales prepare to present Nigel (back left) with the trophy

Nigel receives his winners prizes from Mick Collins

30th May 2018, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

An overcast and humid morning greeted 24 golfers for the end of month event at the Dam with conditions becoming much warmer from 11.30am as the sun peeked through. Scoring on the whole was generally good, with a strong showing as you'd expect from the Udon Thani crowd who frequently play the course. However, it was a Khon Kaen resident, John Hufflett who blitzed the opposition with a staggering 41 point haul to win the event by 5 points from the usual suspects who always seem to be in the frame.

Winner: John Hufflett 41 points
Runner up: Cam McDonald 36 points
3rd: Dave Ambridge 36 points
4th: Thor Hansen 35 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: John Brown
Hole 12: John Hufflett

John Hufflett, 41 point champion this month, and below receiving his prizes

16th May 2018, Mid month event, 3 clubs and a putter challenge, Dancoon GC

A hot morning greeted a disappointing turn out of only 10 golfers for the annual 3 clubs and a putter event, but fortunately a light breeze helped to keep temperatures on the right side of unbearable!!
The course itself is still in decent nick despite recent rains although the greens were a little indifferent and slow.

In the end, a utility club (4W), 8 iron, wedge and putter was enough for John Brown to win the event with 11 pars, 3 birdies, 4 bogeys and 35 points. Well done John!!!
Jeff Hull came in 2nd on countback with 33 points.

John Brown receives his winners prizes from Mick Collins

Jeff Hull 2nd, with a creditable 33 points which is often enough to win this event!!

25th April 2018, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

Another scorching day at Singha Park GC which promised thunderstorms later in the day we were advised (!). 24 regular faces turned up for the event and 6 groups of 4 filed off to the first tee as the sun blazed down!
The course had just had the greens cored and dressed so the greens were a little bobbly to say the least but still playable. Otherwise the course was in great condition as always and a joy to play.
Scoring was decent by and large with most players scoring over 30 though a low-ish score won the day as Paul Samme pipped Trevor Edge on countback with 38 points to win the event.
A special mention to Cheston Chua whose shot at hole 17 ( a nearest pin hole) actually hit the flag and came to rest mere inches behind the hole, incredibly close and a great shot!!!

Results then...

Winner: Paul Samme 38 points
Runner up: Trevor Edge 38 points
3rd: John Thrower 37 points
4th: Graham Burke 36 points
5th: Mick Collins 36 points
6th: Cam McDonald 36 points
Nearest pins; Hole 8 Cam McDonald
Hole 17: Cheston Chua

Not for the first time, Paul Samme holds the KK Golf trophy and below receives his prizes from Mick Collins

11th April 2018, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

Another hot day in Isaan prior to the Songkran festivities and once again the laws of Sod ruled that a team event would be impossible as 13 people turned up for the mid month it was an individual stableford off the yellow tees.
Chaos reigned on the first tee as with no sign of the starter the gathering watched in horror as a Thai 6 ball teed off at 08.15 ahead of the competition. I personally timed them down the first hole and they were still putting out at 08.35, a full 20 minutes after teeing off despite all players being in buggies!!! So, a long hot day lay ahead!!! And so it proved.

Notwithstanding the painfully slow round, Mick Collins came home in 1st place with 33 points. John Thrower 2nd with 32 points and Graham Burke in 3rd with 31. A late day but one enjoyed by all.

Back on form, Mick Collins wins and a handicap clip of 1 shot to boot!

Another t-shirt for the collection for John Thrower, 2nd with 32 pts

Graham Burke completed the prize line up with a 3rd place 31 points

28th March 2018, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

A warm day again in Khon Kaen province as the heat ramps up towards Songkran, 25 golfers turned up at Ubolratana GC for the end of month stableford. With numbers pretty much finalised by 08.15 (thanks all) and the draw made, the opening group hit off early and the event was underway with 3 x 3 balls and 4 x 4 balls comprising the field. The course was in decent condition I thought, (this from someone who didn't witness the river overflow of late 2017 and the damage it caused) and with the winds light and the weather fair, decent scores were to be expected.
As it transpired, a fair forecast, as 40 points won the day, with Gareth Davies pipping his namesake Mick to win the trophy.

Winner: Gareth Davies 40 pts
Runner-up: Mick Davies 39 pts
3rd: Hugh Campbell 38 pts
4th: Nigel Busfield 37 pts
5th: Deni Price 35 pts
Nearest pins: Hole 3: Harry Farquhar
Hole 14: Max Cracchi

Gareth Davies presented with the trophy and below his prizes from John Thrower

Mick Davies, runner up 39 points

7th March 2018, mid month event. The Alan Griffiths Medal

Please see separate page on the sidebar menu for this event.

28th February 2018, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

A hot day in Khon Kaen province as the heat ramps up towards Songkran, 27 golfers braved the elements on a course that rarely disappoints (never say never in Thailand!!), with only a recent mild dressing of the greens being anything of note, not that it affected the green speed which was as fast as ever.

In line with things being speedy, the scores submitted were, by and large, excellent too, and it took a gross (yes, gross!), 73 to win the event comfortably by 5 shots and points. Congratulations then to Cheston Chua who (in my opinion) has one of the nicest looking golf swings in KK Golf and who now finds himself a single handicap golfer (7, to save you looking Cheston!).

Runner up was a regular to KK Golf, no other than Eugene Wynne who carded a net 68 to also earn the handicap secretary's axe.....

Results then...

Winner: Cheston Chua - 45 points
Runner up: Eugene Wynne - 40 points
3rd: Jeff Hull - 40 points
4th: Hugh Campbell - 39 points
5th: Dave Gourno - 39 points
6th: Les Freedman - 37 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Mick Collins
Hole 13: Brian Proctor

Cheston Chua a deserved winner with 45 points and receiving prizes below

14th February 2018, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

 Typically a 'team event unfriendly number' of golfers turned up at Dancoon for the mid month event as 11 golfers went toe to toe off the yellow tees in an individual stableford.

The course, I am advised, is in as good a condition as it gets, and one presumes this means the fairways have been well mown and there is run and the greens are in decent nick.

As for the competition itself, it was pupil and teacher who finished 1st and 2nd respectively with both on 35 points and a countback deciding the order of events. Welcome too, to the 2 newcomers who turned up for the day, we hope that you enjoyed our KK Golf experience?!

Winner: Mikey Thomas 35 points
Runner up: John Brown 35 points

Mikey Thomas (left photo) receives his winners prizes from Mick Collins and John Brown does the same in 2nd place (right photo)



Steve Parrott nearest pin hole 5

Cam McDonald nearest pin on 14

Nigel Busfield 2nd on countback

Graham Burke in 3rd (35 points)

Cam McDonald nearest pin hole 8, Doctor Ken unavailable for the presentations but nearest on hole 17

Steve Hoss 2nd on countback

Jeff Barnes - a creditable 3rd

Thor Hansen in the prizes again

Dean unavailable for the presentation so Jerry did the honours
Thor Hansen 3rd - 37 points

Hugh Campbell 40 points 4th!!

Dave Gourno in 5th, 39 points!

Eugene Wynne, nearest pin on 5th. John Brown did so on 13th in his gross 72.

Trevor Edge 2nd with a respectable 39 points

Steve Hoss also respectable, 3rd with 39
Handicap cuts no problem to John Hufflett, with a 4th place with 37 pts here
Thor Hansen 5th

Jeff Barnes nearest pin on 7th, John Brown was nearest pin on 17.

Cam in 2nd place (apologies for poor quality of picture, sun behind the glass door / Cam's in it!!!)

Dave Ambridge with a 3rd place finish

Thor Hansen in 4th

Trevor Edge a close 2nd
John Thrower 3rd
Graham Burke 4th
Mick Collins in 5th in good form
Cam McDonald with a handful of balls (!), 6th and nearest pin on hole 8
Cheston nearly aced 17 so clearly nearest pin there

Hugh Campbell 3rd
Nigel Busfield, a newcomer to KK Golf, 4th here, well done!
Deni Price 5th
Harry Farquhar nearest pin on 3
Max Cracchi nearest pin on 14th


A popular runner-up, Eugene Wynne in 2nd here (40 points) 
Jeff Hull 3rd here another good effort
Hugh Campbell in 4th place here