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Results 2017

27th December 2017, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

31 golfers made it after the Christmas festivities for the end of month stableford at Singha Park GC.
The weather has been chilly of late and this occasion was no exception to that rule with the weather grey and cold most of the day! There was a lot to play for, not only the month end comp but the final shake up for the Player of the Year (the best four rounds in the end of month stableford comps) which was very much still up for grabs!!

As it turned out a consistent participant (having competed in every month end event since February) won not only the month end event but the player of the year award too (by one point!!!).

Congratulations then to Steve Hoss who came in with 38 points to win both comps, the results for the month end being as follows:-

Winner: Steve Hoss 38 points
Runner up: Hugh Campbell 37 points
3rd: Cam McDonald 36 points
4th: Dave Gourno 36 points
5th: Roy Yonaoshi 35 points
Nearest pins: Hole 8 John Ward
Hole 17 Roy Yonaoshi

Steve Hoss collects his prizes for winning from Mick Collins

...and of course, with the trophy!

Hugh Campbell runner up with a creditable 37 pts

13th December 2017, Mid month event Khon Kaen Golf Club Championship, stroke play at Dancoon GC

16 golfers (2016:12) turned up for the second strokeplay event in the calendar, the Khon Kaen golf Club Championship. You'd have thought that a golf course that had little or no custom at the height (or lows!!) of the rain period would have learned that watering the course to oblivion only a few weeks later is perhaps not the best idea. Still, this is Thailand, or T.I.T. as many people say, as the sprinklers were put into full use around the course, raising the water table that had only just recovered.
Preceding the recent cold snap the event was played in bright sunshine with a decent breeze. Scores were ok for strokeplay off the yellow tees with the course offering less run than it might have. Some greens have been sanded, I don't know what weather they are expecting in these parts!!!
Anyway, a frequent visitor to the winners enclosure managed to win the event and Jeff Hull carded a gross 85, net 73 to win the event. The results being as follows:-

Winner: Jeff Hull Gross 85, net 73
Runner up: Gareth Davies Gross 96 net 75
3rd: Hugh Campbell Gross 93 net 76
4th: Charlie Faulkner Gross 92 net 77 on countback

They're not the Ashes (that humbling was to come!) but Jeff holds the winning trophy after a net 73

Gareth Davies runner up

29th November 2017, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

34 golfers (please note that 2 cards were 'nil returns' in the tables above) turned up for the traditionally busy end of month thrash at Ubolratana GC. After the issues with the dam run off and the flooding of the lower parts of the course it was pleasing to note that the course is recovering but there were places with unstaked G.U.R. in parts. Funniest moment of the day was perhaps the unfortunate Deni Price who lost his balance playing a shot on hole 2 only to fall ar$e over t1t into the water!!! Not that it affected his game as he went on to par the next 3 holes and came home with 36 points so the Man from Atlantis finished wet and 3rd overall. Impressive stuff Deni!!!


Winner: Lee Jin Soo 37 points
Runner - up: Dave Ambridge 37 points
3rd: Deni Price 36 points
4th: Cliff Saveall 35 points
5th: Steve Hoss 34 points
6th: Thor Hansen 34 points
7th: Paul Samme 34 points
Nearest pins: Hole 3: Paul Samme
Hole 14: Michel Lefebre

All in all, some revenge of sorts for the predominantly Udon golfers after their humbling defeat to Khon Kaen in the annual match play event. Well done Udon golfers!!

Nearest pin hole 14: Michel Lefebre

Lee Jin Soo with the coveted KK Golf Trophy and below receiving his winning prizes from Mick Collins

15th November 2017, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

A notable increase in the mid month numbers for this event as the weather has certainly dried out recently. So it was that 17 competitors teed it up for an individual stableford event which included Mick '6-Iron' Collins amongst the entrants, his first competitive outing in about a year - welcome back Mick!!!

A recent newcomer managed to win the event, 35 points with 3 'wipes', a decent return quite frankly, not least 20 points on the tougher back 9 holes!!

Winner: Steve Parrott 35 points
Runner-up: Jeff Hull 34 points
3rd: Hugh Campbell 34 points
4th: Steve Jones 33 points

I am advised the course is properly dried out now but the greens were a little below expectations.

Steve Parrott received his prizes for winning from Mick Collins

Jeff Hull 2nd after a countback

25th October 2017, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

In terms of participants it was a jump from the ridiculous to the sublime as 32 players turned up to take advantage of the start of the dry season (as opposed to the 3 mid month previous!!!).
So it was that 8 groups of 4 set off between the hours of 08.30 and 09.30 in glorious sunshine with fairways that had bounce, run and were in impeccable condition versus some of the other local venues. The greens however had been recently sanded in parts and were still bedding in, but were still fast with the pro-shop boasting a stimp reading of 9'2" which seemed on the skinny side to me!!
Anyway, it was a cluster of countbacks once back in the club house as all the leading prizes were subject to countbacks, with Paul Samme again coming out on top (as in July) with a creditable 38 points and 23 on the back nine.

Winner: Paul Samme 38 pts
2nd: Thor Hansen 38 pts
3rd: Phil Kington 38 pts
4th: Graham Burke 37 pts
5th: Dave Gourno 37 pts
6th Pertti Ketunen 37 pts
7th: Mick Davies 37 pts
Nearest Pins:
Hole 5: Brian Proctor
Hole 13: Doctor Ken

Congratulations to all the prize winners and all who took part, including a number of newcomers to Khon Kaen golf, we hope you enjoyed the day and the experience!!

Paul Samme wins again after a recent July success and below receiving his prizes

Thor Hansen in 2nd here and a cut in handicap to 18.

11th October 2017, Mid month event Dancoon GC

A grossly disappointing turn out of only 3 players arrived at a very wet Dancoon after some very heavy rains of late.
So it was that Graham Burke, Eugene Wynne and John Thrower headed out as a lone three-ball off the white tees, trudging through swampy fairways with golf carts restricted to pathways. That in itself took its toll on Graham who retired with exhaustion after nine holes. Eugene and John flew the flag on the back nine.
In the end, John Thrower came home with a soggy 30 points stableford which was enough to win the event, Eugene came in with 25. Overall, a disappointing turn out and lack of support.

27th September 2017, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

There's very much a new player in town as Dave Ambridge added his name to the Hall of Fame winners list after the event at Ubolratana GC shooting a handicap equalling gross 76! Overall, 23 players took part (only 22 cards were returned) and the weather stayed dry and the course itself was in decent condition though not so much run. Scores on the whole were largely disappointing and no changes of note in the player of the year listings as a result (see Home page). Still, a good day was had by all.

Results :

Winner: Dave Ambridge 36 points
Runner up: Jeff Hull 36 points
3rd: Perti Kettunen 33 points
4th: John Newell 33 points
5th: John Hufflett 33 points
Nearest pins:
Holes 5 and 12: Dave Ambridge

Dave Ambridge holds the trophy aloft after his 36 points was enough to win on countback. Dave also snaffled both nearest pin prizes!! Below being presented with winners prizes.

Jeff Hull also 36 points lost on countback

13th September 2017, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

A paltry turn out of 8 players meant it was blind pairs stableford off the white tees as Dancoon, whilst drying out, is not offering much run on landing, though is much improved I have to say and decidedly playable now.
After showing some decent form of late, Gareth Davies found the winners podium once again, having been paired in retrospect with Thor Hansen. A low score of 62 points (par 72!) was enough to secure victory in a poor scoring event all round.
Brian Proctor and John Hufflett came in second with 57 points.

Thor and Gareth flank Mick Collins who presented the prizes to the winners

John and Brian receive their prizes from Mick.

30th August 2017, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

There has been the usual amounts of heavy precipitation again recently and the course that handles it the best in the area is undoubtedly Singha Park GC. 19 players (2016: 26) turned up for the end of month event, including the two matchplay finalists Doctor Ken and Dave Gourno who also entered the stableford comp. The weather held fair despite threatening storm clouds over the city to the north and the usual clouds rolling in from the west, drenching Dancoon again probably!! But all competitors remained dry until the bar afterwards at least!!

Dave and Ken headed out first for their matchplay event, and despite a hiccup on the nearest the pin flags (good job it wasn't a pi$$ up at the local brewery!!!), the day proceeded smoothly enough with an impromptu change to hole 13 for the pin target practice!

After a recent spate of decent scoring it came as no surprise that Gareth Davies came in with 38 points to win the event.

Results as follows:

Winner: Gareth Davies 38 points
Runner up: Doctor Ken 37 points
3rd: Cheston Chua 36 points
4th: Trevor Edge 36 points
Hole 13: Cheston Chua
Hole 17: Gareth Davies

Gareth holds the trophy er, not aloft!

Receiving 1st place prizes from Mick Collins, also winner of nearest pin hole 17

Doctor Ken, runner up with 37 points

16th August 2017, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

With all the recent downpours it was always going to be a low turnout at Dancoon GC which suffers more than most when the rains come. So it was then in mid August as only 8 players turned out, and two teams of 4 competed in a Texas Scramble.

Dave Ambridge, John Thrower, Thor Hansen and Tom Smith (left to right in pics below) headed out first followed by Pertti Ketunen, Jeff Hull, Brian Proctor and Harald Kobbeltvedt.

It ultimately transpired that the scramble became more of a putting competition with the first group having 18 birdie putts and the latter 15 birdie putts. The conversion rate wasn't great but the opening group converted 4 birdies for a gross 68 and the latter converted 2 birdies but filed a bogey too for a 71. Due to the lack of fairway run, the comp was played from the white forward tees.

Team photo on the 18th green for the ultimate winners with a 68 and below, receiving prizes from Mick Collins


26th July 2017, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

The heavens have opened lately in north east Thailand and consequently only 16 players rocked up to the Dam for the end of month stableford (2016: 21). Indeed, calls and texts were being received en route that it was too wet and people wouldn't be coming. As it was, on balance, we got away with it with the start of a horrendous tropical storm coming down as the last group played the 13th.

Water levels up to the bridge level at the 2nd tee - the sky not showing what was to come later!!

The course played ok despite recent deluges, though the fairways were wet and the air heavy. All water features were full to overflowing.

Despite all the conditions, a good day was had by all and Paul Samme came home with 39 points to win the event.


Winner: Paul Samme 39 pts
Runner up: Trevor Edge 37 pts
3rd: Gareth Davies 35 pts
4th: Steve Hoss 34 pts
Nearest pins:
Hole 3: Paul Samme
Hole 14: Gareth Davies

A rarity...someone from Leeds holding a trophy!!

1st place winner Paul Samme receiving prizes from Mick Collins

Trevor Edge, a creditable 37 pts and 2nd here

12th July 2017, Mid month, Dancoon GC

A paltry 13 players turned up at Dancoon GC for the mid month event and the numbers, being what they were, afforded themselves to an individual stableford off the yellow tees, despite recent heavy rains in the area which would have deterred many.
The main interest on the day was the strange solar halo..

A bit off putting when reflected off the head of your driver!!

Scoring wasn't too bad on a course that suffers from heavy rains and the podium places were as follows:-

Winner: John Hufflett 35 pts
Runner-up: Bill Perkins 34 pts
3rd: John Thrower 34 pts

John Hufflett receives his awards from Mick Collins

Bill Perkins 2nd here, good knock Bill

John Thrower 3rd here, on countback

28th June 2017, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

24 players arrived at Singha Park GC for the end of month stableford (2016: 27) and with a couple of the Matchplay matches still to play, the first fourball were two of the matchplay games as a fourball, playing in the competition also. The course was in much better condition than a week previous when the greens were heavily sanded, recent rains have pounded that sand into the greens which were their usual magnificent selves.
The weather stayed fair throughout, despite a couple of localised storms in the city to the north, and so it was that Cheston Chua came home in 1st place to win the event with 39 points.
A special welcome back to Mick Collins who made the presentation after his recent operation, great to see you back Mick, next stop the 1st tee!!!

The results:-

Winner: Cheston Chua 39 pts
Runner up: Dave Gourno 37 pts
3rd: Steve Hoss 37 pts
4th: Hugh Campbell 36 pts
5th: Harry Farquhar 36 pts
6th: Thor Hansen 36 pts
Nearest pins: Hole 5: Cam McDonald
Hole 13: Tom Carey (though it transpired there was an issue with the pin marker and Graham Burke had knocked one to within 3 feet and made birdie).

Cheston with the KK Golf Trophy

Cheston receiving prizes from Mick Collins

He's never far away and so it proved once again, Dave Gourno, 2nd here

Steve Hoss with a fine round to finish 3rd

In good form of late, Hugh Campbell 4th here

14th June 2017, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

There has been a lot of heavy rain around Khon Kaen of late and with several people away or injured, only 13 people turned up at Dancoon for the mid-month event. Hosted by Graham Burke who I would like to publically thank for taking on the organisational duties in both Mick and my absence.
I cannot comment on the condition of course last Wednesday 14th June, but from recent experience it's getting heavy and lacking in any run on the fairways, balls plugging and even disappearing after impact!!
OK, of the 13 players, Dave Gourno came in with a winning 39 points, the results as follows:

Winner: Dave Gourno 39 pts
Runner up: Hugh Campbell 36 pts
3rd: Ken Sverdloff 33 pts

Dave Gourno receiving yet another t-shirt from Graham Burke

Hugh Campbell appears to be in good form of late, 2nd here

Ken Sverdloff has a t-shirt to take back to the UK after a 3rd place finish here.

31st May 2017, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

A number of people away at present or incapacitated, and so 15 players (2016: 21) teed it up at Ubolratana Dam GC for the end of month stableford. Appreciation at first to everyone arriving early or in good time which enabled the event to start slightly ahead of schedule - thank you!! The weather was warm and there was no threat of rain to spoil proceedings and the course, as always, was in good condition considering the recent heavy downpours.

The scoring was pretty good and it needed a double countback (back 9 then back 6) to determine the winner and a countback to separate 3rd and 4th.

Winner: John Thrower 38 points (back 9 18, back 6 12)
Runner-up: Grant Beck 38 points (back 9 18, back 6 10)
3rd: Steve Hoss 37 points
Nearest pins: Hole 5: Sam McLellan
Hole 12: Steve Hoss

Been a while since he had his hands on the trophy - John Thrower squeezed home narrowly here

Holding up his 1st place prizes

Grant Beck a very close 2nd

Steve Hoss edged out (no pun intended) Trevor Edge to sneak 3rd on countback

Helped in part no doubt by being nearest pin on hole 12
Sam McLellan nearest pin on the long par 3 5th hole

7th May 2017, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

As is usual at this time of year, a 3 club and putter event which is always great fun and a test of imagination and patience!!! For those  who visit the web site to catch up on weather conditions in the region, then let me add that at the time of writing, Khon Kaen has had over 313mm of rain so far in May out of an annual total of 346mm!! Just recently it has been p*ssing down!!! So it was on Tuesday, the day before the event and there was even light rain as the 16 golfers (2016: 12) teed it up for the 3 club and putter event.

With the course offering little or no run, there were some decent scores submitted all things considered, and despite 'book-ending' his round with wipes/ scratches / blobs, Hugh Campbell came home with a creditable 33 points to win the event. Spare a thought for Graham Burke who was not only sat in the bar nursing a leading 31 points until Hugh's card arrived from the final group, but Graham has been runner-up in this event three years in succession!!

Winner: Hugh Campbell 33 points
Runner-up: Graham Burke 31 points
3rd: Jeff Hull 31 points

Hugh receiving his prizes for finishing 1st

Graham Burke, runner up again in the 3 club putter event

Jeff Hull  3rd on countback

26th April 2017, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

A pretty ferocious yet localised storm ripped through the area on Tuesday evening leaving approximately 50 trees blown over at Singha Park GC. This one on the 4th fairway (it won't be missed by faders off the tee).
Anyway, 23 golfers turned up (2016: 29) at Singha Park GC for the month end stableford and on the whole the scoring was very good.
Despite the winds and the storms the course held up pretty well, though it was easy to lose balls in the bunker lakes!!!

Mick Davies stumped everybody with what appeared to be a winning score of 40 points, but his par on 17 was worth 3 points not 4, so 39 points was the final tally and still good enough!!


Winner: Mick Davies 39 points
Runner-up: Graham Burke 38 points
3rd: Cheston Chua 37 points
4th: Roger Strickland 37 points
5th: Paul Samme 36 points
6th: Trevor Edge 36 points

Mick Davies holds the trophy and receives his prizes from Mick Collins below

Another good knock for Graham Burke around Singha Park, he seems to like it here (23 front 9!)

Another solid performance from Roger Strickland before he departs States-side

Paul Samme 5th 36 points
Trevor Edge 6th here also 36 pts
Cam McDonald nearest pin on hole 8 - made birdie
Brian Proctor nearest pin on 17th - made bogey!!!

5th April 2017, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

It was a hot day as 21 golfers (2016: 10) descended upon Dancoon GC for the mid month event. It didn't take long to decide a 3-2-1 stableford team event be the order of the day whereby each player scores stableford points, with all 3 players' scores counting on hole 1, best two on hole 2, best one on hole 3, and rinse and repeat around holes 4-18.
Back in the clubhouse and it appeared that 72 points was the score to beat (Dave Gourno, Gareth Davies and Chuck McCormick) but it soon became overtaken once Thor Hansen, Graham Burke and John Hufflett returned nursing their 75 points.
This in itself wasn't enough to win the event as one of the later groups, Hugh Campbell, Pertti Ketunen and Roger Strickland arrived back with an impressive 79 points. Well done to all who took part it was very very warm out there. A quick note on the course at Dancoon which has had plenty of criticism over the years yet appears to be in excellent condition at present.

Hugh, Pertti, Roger receiving their winners prizes from Mick Collins (second left)

Graham, Thor and John receiving runners up prizes
Dave Gorno and Gareth Davies flank Mick Collins with Chuck McCormick far right, third place finish here.

29th March 2017, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

A turn for the warmer at Ubolratana where an anticipated large field of 34 (2016: 21) participated in the end of month stableford.
The course was in good condition and whilst the weather was warm (er, blistering!!), there was little in the way of breeze, it was stifling!! All in all a great days' golf and the scores reflected the conditions. Cliff Saveall carded a gross two under back nine to come home with 41 points and an Udon Thani golfer wins the KK Golf event for the 3rd time in a row...


Winner: Cliff Saveall 41 points
Runner up: Cam McDonald 38 points
3rd: Chuck McCormick 37 points
4th: Ed Mainman 36 points
5th: Brian Proctor 36 points
6th: Lee Panter 35 points
7th: Trevor Edge 35 points
8th: Gareth Davies 35 points
9th: John Thrower 33 points
10th: Paul Samme 33 points
11th: Grant Beck 33 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 3: Cliff Saveall
Hole 14: Phil Kington

Cliff Saveall with the trophy after an impressive 41 points and below receiving his prizes from Mick Collins

No stranger to Mick's right hand (!!), Cam McDonald runner up here

The 'Chuckmeister', Chuck McCormick 3rd with 37 points

Ed Mainman, the highest placed Khon Kaen golf resident, 4th with 36 points

Brian Proctor 5th, 36 points also

Lee Panter finished 6th but was unavailable for the presentation

Trevor Edge back to some form with 35 points

Gareth Davies 35 points also
John Thrower on countback in a group finishing with 33 points
Balls to Paul Samme I hear you cry......well, that's what he got for finishing 10th here
Newcomer Grant Beck the final prize winner 33 points and 11th
Phil Kington nearest pin on 14th, Cliff Saveall our prize winner was nearest pin on hole 3

Well done to all the prizewinners and a big welcome to the newcomers, we hope you all enjoyed the KK Golf experience

15th March 2017, mid month event. The Alan Griffiths Medal

Please see separate page on the sidebar menu for this event.

1st March 2017, End of month Stableford, Singha Park GC

36 golfers turned up at Singha Park GC for the first end of month event of the year to be held at that course (2016: 26)  and with the recent Isaan open having been staged there, the course was in impeccable condition, greens running 9.5 on the stimp meter and glorious sunshine bathing the course.


Winner: Cam McDonald 37 points
Runner-up:Chuck McCormick 36 points
3rd: Brian Proctor 35 points
4th: Dave Gourno 34 points
5th: Roger Strickland 34 points
6th: Lee Panter 34 points
7th: Harald Kobbeltvedt 34 points
8th: Charlie Faulkner 34 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Cam McDonald
Hole13: Harald Kobbeltvedt

Well done to all that took part and congratulations to the winners here.

Cam with the trophy once again

Receiving prizes from Mick Collins, Cam was also nearest pin on hole 5

Chuck McCormick a point behind Cam in 2nd place

Brian Proctor 3rd here with 35 points

Another T-shirt for Dave Gourno, 4th here, one of several on 34 points

Roger Strickland in the prizes again, 5th here

Lee Panter was unavailable to collect his 6th prize but Harald Kobbeltvedt finished 7th and had a nearest pin hole 13
Charlie Faulkner in 8th here

8th February 2017, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

14 golfers arrived at Dancoon GC for the mid month event (2016: 27) and a blind pairs stableford was the chosen format. This is the game where each individual plays a stableford format and a draw is made after the event to determine everyone's partner.
The course is in good condition at the moment, not least the fairways which have been well mown and providing some run.
Notwithstanding the decent condition of the course, the scores individually were below average and a score of 62 points combined was enough to win the event, Ulf Berggren (37) and Roger Strickland (25) forming the highest total blind pair. Hendry Silkowski (26) and Graham Burke (31) finished 2nd with 57 points.

All in all a good event and a nice gathering. The temperatures are ramping up though as we head towards March.....remember to take on lots of water guys.

From left to right, Roger Strickland, Mick Collins and Ulf Berggren, Roger and Ulf winners in the blind pairs event

Hendry Silkowski, Mick Collins and Graham Burke, with Hendry and Graham runners up.

25th January 2017, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

A year ago, amid one of the coldest spells I have ever known in Khon Kaen, only 21 golfers turned up for the comparative event at the Dam, this year a more than healthy 34 golfers paid their dues and formed two 3 balls and seven 4 balls for the first event of 2017. The starter at the course once again let us all down, allowing a Korean 6 ball to jump in at hole 4, just as our first three ball was playing out hole 3.....'This is Thailand' is the phrase oft trotted out in such circumstances....not the phrase that springs to my mind but there you go......
Nevertheless, there was a jovial atmosphere back in the clubhouse (and no sign of the six ball!!!) for the presentation. Great to see a number of new faces at the event, as always we hope you enjoyed the occasion and will return for future comps.

Results then...

Winner: John Yoo 39 points
Runner up: Chick McCormick 36 points
3rd: Cam McDonald 35 points
4th: Roy Yonaoshi 35 points
5th: Jeff Hull 34 points
6th: Gareth Davies 33 points
7th: Frank Celigoj 33 points
8th: Lee Jin Soo 33 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Roy Yonaoshi
Hole 12: Thor Hansen

Scorekeeping complaint:

I must make a point of announcing that some of the scorekeeping for this event left a lot to be desired, not least in the wake of switching the stroke index on holes 8 and 12, something we have done at this course for at least 2 years now.
Remember, 2 people are signing off on the scorecards, and frankly it could and should have been so much better, rather than the organisers having to check, and correct a number of cards back in the hut. We don't want to have to go down the route of disqualification for poor scorekeeping guys, so come on, play the game and do your bit properly please!!! Rant over ;-)

John Yoo holds the trophy aloft and below, collects his prizes from Mick Collins

Chuck McCormick, a popular runner up here

Cam McDonald, never far away, 3rd here

Roy Yonaoshi, 4th here and a nearest pin on hole 5

Jeff Hull 5th here

Gareth Davies 6th, one of 3 on 33 points

A seventh place finish for recent joiner to Khon Kaen Golf, Frank Celigoj, well done Frank!

Lee Jin Soo, another newcomer to this event, 8th at his first event at Khon Kaen Golf, well done Sir.

Thor Hansen nearest pin on hole 12, with Roy Yonaoshi having come closest on hole 5

A number of golfers retreated to Aoys restaurant at the end of the Ubolrat Road at the junction of Highway 2 and were well fed with roast pork and liquid refreshments....a welcome developing trend after the golf at the Dam.

11th January 2017, mid month event, Texas Scramble, Dancoon GC

Despite only a dozen players turning up for the KK Golf Club Championship a month previous, a surprising 24 (2016: 25) turned out and the numbers dictated that a welcomed Texas Scramble be the event of the day. So it was then that the players were split into groups depending on handicap and an attempt by Mick and John to balance the teams as fairly as possible. Whilst only 5 strokes separated 6 teams of 4 in the end, it came as no surprise that the winning team consisted of Dave Gourno, Carl Hullsworth, Larry Martell and Eugene Wynne who came in gross 69.
Runners up were Tomas Gustafsson, Charlie Faulkner, John Thrower and Claus Gamdrup on a countback with a gross 72, even par.

I think it is fair to say that everyone enjoyed the event judging by the atmosphere back at the clubhouse for the prize giving.

Eugene, Carl, Larry and Dave receiving their winners prizes of tshirts and balls.

Tomas, Charlie, John and Claus receive their prizes from Mick Collins