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Alan Griffiths Medal

7th March 2018, The Alan Griffiths Medal, Dancoon GC

With the event brought forward a week or so due to holiday commitments, 24 golfers (2017 29) arrived up at Dancoon for the Alan Griffiths Medal event, a tribute to one of the founders of Khon Kaen Golf who passed away almost 5 years ago now.  The course itself is in pretty decent condition at present, and, dare I say, as good as it probably gets (as confirmed by comments from participants in the club house afterwards). Long gone are the Augusta-fast greens and the fairways have run and appear well kept. Of course, the bunkers could always use a bit more sand and an early morning rake, but we cannot have everything and at the price it remains excellent value for a session of golf.

This years' gathering for the Alan Griffiths event.

Before tee off, a vote was held as to which tees to play off and in the end it was decreed that the white tees be used. 

Despite the forward tees being used the winning score was slightly higher than a year previous and this year a net 69 was good enough to seal the deal.
Congratulations then to Udon Thani based golfer Peter Hellery who carded a net 69 to win the event.

Results and photos:

Winner: Peter Hellery Net 69
Runner up: Gareth Davies net 71
3rd: John Brown net 72
4th: Jeff Hull net 74
5th: Trevor Edge net 74

Peter with the trophy and prizes from Mick Collins (below)

Gareth Davies in 2nd place

15th March 2017, The Alan Griffiths Medal, Dancoon GC

29 golfers turned up at Dancoon (2016: 41) for the Alan Griffiths Medal event, a tribute to one of the founders of Khon Kaen Golf who passed away almost 4 years ago now.  My goodness how time flies!!!
Recently the heat index has been ramped up in north east Thailand and despite this there was a decent gathering for the annual strokeplay event in memory of one of our founders.

The pre round group gathering by the practice putting green.
It was another fiercely hot day (indeed, one of our participants had to withdraw with heat exhaustion after 9 holes) but on the whole, the course played well and conditions were good, if not a little warm!!
There was some good scoring out there, but again the course demonstrated its inequal two nines with some higher scoring on the back 9 by most, in fact as a group we scored 3.3 shots gross more on average on the back 9 holes (46.2: 49.5)

Our thanks as always to all the participants as it is you the golfers who make these days successful.


Winner: Dave Gourno (nett 67)
Runner-up: Hugh Campbell (nett 70)
3rd: John Brown (nett 72)
4th: Mick Davies (nett 72)
5th: Jeff Hull (nett 73)
6th: Cam McDonald (nett 74)
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Thom Panikorn
Hole 7: Thor Hansen
Hole 11: Trevor Edge
Hole 17: John Brown

Dave Gourno, holding most of the Khon Kaen Golf's suite of trophies

Receiving his prizes from Mick Collins

A strong front 9 from Hugh Campbell earned 2nd spot and a handicap chop of 0.9

John Brown nett 72 and nearest pin on hole 17

Mick Davies 4th on a countback, nett 72 also
Jeff Hull, a creditable nett 73

Nett 74 for Cam warranted 6th spot

Thom Panikorn nearest pin on 5
Thor Hansen closest to the pin on hole 7

Trevor Edge edged out John Ward and Jeff Hull on the island 11th

16th March 2016, The Alan Griffiths Medal, Dancoon GC

41 golfers turned up at Dancoon (2015: 37) for the Alan Griffiths Medal event, a tribute to one of the founders of Khon Kaen Golf who passed away some 3 years ago. This is a record high in terms of numbers playing in an event, and I am sure Alan would be very proud of how far the society has come in that time. Our thanks to everyone who took part in the event.

Pre round photo

It was another fiercly hot day for this event with temperatures around the 40 degrees mark and not a hint of cloud, just the white heat haze and 'hair dryer' wind blowing across the course from the south. I think it is fair to say that the much maligned course at Dancoon is probably in its best condition for many years, with the greens still green at this arid time of year. OK, there are still wet spots on the fairway from leaking fairway sprinklers, but all in all the course is in fine condition!
An excellent days' golf and our thanks to the volunteer groups who took it upon themselves to start on the more difficult hole 10, it made for a much more streamlined day all round!!!
In the past 2 years, an opening 8 was scored by the ultimate winner but this time around Trevor Edge took things to a new level with a quad-bogey 9 on the 18th hole, otherwise he would have romped it!!!


Winner: Trevor Edge (Net 71)
Runner up: Mick Collins (Net 71)
3rd: Paul Sammi (Net 72)
4th: Dave Gourno (Net 73)
5th: Steve Jones (Net 73)
6th: Pete Hellery (Net 74)
7th: Hugh Campbell (Net 74)
8th: Claus Gamdrup (Net 74)
9th: Craig Jordan (Net 75)
10th: Doctor Ken (Net 75)

Trevor Edge with the Alan Griffiths Medal Trophy, and with prizes below presented by Mick Collins
Mick Collins 2nd - Alan would have approved no doubt!

 Paul Samme in 3rd, net 72....doubtless had to hear about Trevor's 9 on the last on the journey home!
Dave Gourno in 4th
Steve Jones finished 5th
Pete Hellery came home in 6th (net 74)
Hugh Campbell in 7th.
Claus also with net 74 in 8th
Craig Jordan in 9th with a net 75

Doctor Ken also received a prize finishing 10th but was unavailable for the presentation.

18th March 2015, The Alan Griffiths Medal, Dancoon GC

Our thanks this year to the Pullman Hotel Khon Kaen Raja Orchid (Pullman Hotel website) who sponsored the event by way of a Pavillion Meal Voucher for two persons. Your input and support of Khon Kaen golf is much appreciated.

37 golfers turned up at Dancoon (2014: 33) for the second Alan Griffiths Medal event in recognition of one of the founders of KK Golf who sadly passed away two years ago this month.

Pre-round photo

The weather has ramped up somewhat of late and temperatures were in the low 40's for this one as 8 groups of 4 and one of 5 headed out. Our thanks, as always, to the three groups who went off hole 10 first, which is always a baptism of fire.....or should that be'll know what I mean anyway.....but thanks to those 13 players who headed out off 10 to make it less of a strung out day.

The course appears to be in much better condition than say a month or two previously when it was almost burned beyond repair, but Mother Nature has put some rain down and what was once brown, is now pretty much green all over!!

There's a comment in last year's commentary, that the winner scored an 8 on the first hole, well, lightning struck twice as Remy, the ultimate winner, scored a quad-bogey 8 on hole 1 and then went on to win the event with a net 67, which included no fewer than 6 birdies!!! Alan would have enjoyed the reviewing of handicaps after that one, and your commentator here will be sharpening the axe accordingly!!!


Winner: Remy (nett 67)
Runner Up: Heinz Risi (nett 69)
3rd: Cam McDonald (nett 72)
4th: Garry Taylor (nett 73)
5th: Tom Smith (nett 73)
6th: Roy Yonaoshi (nett 74)
7th: Brian Proctor (nett 74)

Remy with the Alan Griffiths Medal Trophy and receiving his Pullman Hotel Voucher and prizes

Runner up Heinz Risi and 3rd place Cam McDonald receiving their prizes

26th March 2014, The Alan Griffiths Medal, Dancoon GC
the late Alan Griffiths and the trophy in his name
33 golfers turned up at Dancoon for the first Alan Griffiths Medal event in recognition of one of the founders of KK Golf who sadly passed away almost a year to the very day the competition was played. A very good turnout (it compares with 19 a year previously at Singha Park) and good to see some old faces again, welcome back. Also nice to see one of our sponsors, Duncan Campbell of Leo's Bar, come along for the presentations.
The conditions can only be described as fiercely hot as umbrellas were in evidence as we gathered around the 1st tee for the eight groups to strike off.
 Pre -round photo
The course seemed to be in decent condition, not too much rough, and the greens seemed in good nick too and as always a bit more sand in the bunkers might help. The weather though was scorching, nudging 40 degrees I would say, and water / liquid (!) and cold towels were the order of the day every time a refreshment hut was sighted.
The competition was a medal / strokeplay event, the only concession being a '9' was the maximum allowed on any one hole.
Quite a bit of nerves on the first tee it would seem, the hole only attracted 5 pars from all of us and indeed there were 7 triple bogeys or worse, including an eight from our ultimate it just goes to show that you can win after a shocking start!! At the end of the round in another group, drama too as Tommy Hongell sank a medium sized putt down the slope on 17 for a birdie, to follow it up by holing his chip across the water on 18 for an eagle 3. Well done Tommy! 
Winner : Graham Burke (nett 68)
Runner-up: Tommy Hongell (nett 69)
3rd: Dave Gourno (nett 70)
4th: Cliff Saveall (nett 72)
5th: John Brown (nett 73)
6th: Mick Fahey (nett 73)
7th: Jussi Virkanen (nett 73)
Nearest pins:
5th: Graham Burke (birdie made)
7th: Claus Gamdrup
11th: John Brown (birdie made)
17th: Thor Hansen
Back at the clubhouse as we waited patiently for the final five-ball to wander home, people considered sending out a search party but elected to have another beer instead. Post presentation, Tim rightly suggested that we raised our glasses to Alan and in memory of him. With Alan's favourite team, Everton, winning 3-0 the night before the golf competition, and the day itself a major success, one can only assume that Alan would have whole-heartedly approved of the whole thing.
Photo Gallery of prize winners:
 Graham receives the trophy                                                   Receiving prizes from Mick Collins