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Isaan Amateur Golf Event

A mainly pictorial story; thanks to Mike Thrower for supplying the images.

Wednesday 6th February dawned bright and clear for this the first occasion of the Isaan Amateur Golf Event. Singha Park Golf Club had been chosen as the venue for the event and they made everyone feel very welcome from the outset.

40 golfers turned up from all parts of Isaan to pit their skills against the course and each other.

Such was the interest that the organisers decided that they would split the field into 2 flights. Flight A (the keen ones), consisting those with a handicap 0 to 17, would start from the first tee.

Flight B (the relaxed ones), handicap 18 to 28, started from the tenth tee.

The use of 2 tees ensured that all groups got away in the least amount of time, but more importantly the amount of time between the first and last groups finishing was kept to a minimum. 

There were no reports of remarkable rounds, fabulous golf shots, altercations, breaking of rules, breaking of clubs or any other incidents. Although boring for the reader, this would indicate the participants were playing a serious but enjoyable game of golf.

Once their rounds were completed and score cards submitted, the participants made their way to the 19th for some relaxation. 

This was eventually interrupted by the organisers deciding they should give a little speech before announcing the winners.

Judging by the smiles and looks on everyone's face it would appear that all enjoyed themselves and the day was a great success.
Thanks must go to Singha Park GC and the staff who ensured they did their bit to ensure a successful day. But most of all a big THANK YOU to Mick Collins and Terry Aston who have been tireless over the past few months organising this event, we look forward to the next one.

The winners from the day are shown in the right hand column,


Flight A
Winner 36 pts
Frank Lynch

2nd place, 34 pts (better back 9)
Terry Aston (l)

3rd place, 34 pts
Matt White

Flight B
Winner 39 pts
Bent Knudsen

2nd place, 34 pts (better back 9)
Sam Freed

3rd place, 34 pts
John Furlong

Nearest Pins. 
Cliff Saveall

Mick Collins (r)

Charlie Faulkner

Bob Anderson