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Results 2012

27th December 2012. Dancoon GC. Texas Scramble.

Our last event of 2012, the Christmas Pudding, turned out just as we had hoped. The weather was good for golf and not too hot for the falang. 24 eager golfers turned up for the event, an ideal number to make 6 teams. From the outset the intention was that the event would be 'fun' and this started from the moment of arrival. Upon registering, each competitor received a Xmas hat (which they had to wear when teeing off the first) and a Xmas pudding, all flown in from the UK. Just to make sure everyone was in a good mood we even waived our usual contribution for prizes.

A draw was made for the teams and a team handicap allocated, then all made their way to the first to start the competition.

A fine specimen of golfers

All obviously played good golf, and the draw and handicapping 'fair' because all teams ended the event within 3 shots of each other. The winners were the team of Deni Price, Ray Copping, John Thrower and Mick Collins who succeeded over the second  placed team by virtue of having a better back 9.

Our winners below, more photos right.
John, Ray, Deni & Mick

After the prize giving, John and Mike Thrower presented their golf quiz. This was a pictorial quiz, were you had to guess the golfer, the course and the hole. Again great fun(!!!!!!!!!) was had by all trying to work out the answers. 

In the end this was a very successful day, and a fitting end to our programme for 2012, our thanks to all; we now look forward to 2013 with much enthusiasm. Our thanks to John and Mike for putting the quiz together, but by far, our biggest THANK YOU goes to the Anonymous Benefactor who donated all the prizes on the day.

13th December 2012. Singha Park GC. Stableford

Last time Singha Park was the venue it rained; driving to the course there were a lot of ominous clouds around (in December!!!), but we needn't have worried. As soon as the golf started the sun came out, and a nice breeze got up, just perfect.
25 golfers turned up to enjoy the course, which only 10 days previously had hosted the King's Cup, part of the Asian Tour. Some maintenance work has already started, but overall the course is in excellent condition; although they do insist on heavy overnight watering (never mind parts of KK having a drought) giving soft fairways.
Overall the standard of golf matched the course and the day, some good scores being returned and nothing too bad. That is all except our winner; after several months of hacking his way round he was awarded a large handicap increase to match his scores. We should have known, he immediately shows he can play golf after all, and will now receive a substantial decrease. Well done to Mike, nice to see some of the old touch returning, hopefully you can continue to bring the h/c down.
Full results.
Nearest Pin  5th Ed Mainman    17th John Brown

3rd place  Bjorn Ostlund  36 pts
2nd place  Harvey Campbell  39 pts

1st place  Mike Thrower  44 pts

Photo of winner below and others to the right.

Mike Thrower

29th November 2012. Dancoon GC. Stableford

It is definitely getting to the busier time of the year, for KKG anyway, 26 golfers were present yesterday. The downside is that this makes it a bit hectic for the organisers, and leads to longer waiting time on the first tee to get everyone started; but this is more than outweighed by the interest, diversity and camaraderie that the larger numbers bring.
Although the more extreme temperatures of last week have moderated, it is still 'on the warm side' but this did not seem to bother too many people. Dancoon is not at its best at the moment, after doing work on the greens they have now started on the fairways. At other courses you would be confident of seeing some benefit from all this activity, however past experience does not leave us with much confidence, but we can at least keep hoping.
The golf did not suffer too much, odd complaints were made, but you always have them. The majority of scores were a bit on the low side, but not too much. The conditions obviously suited those people who have spent their formative years on the North American continent; this month, all our winners came from that part of the world,
Nearest Pin 5th: Harvey Campbell;  17th: Charlie Faulkner
3rd:    Andy Tamke   35 pts
2nd:    Dave Gourno   36 pts

1st:     Matt White     41pts

Well done to all. Photo of winner below, other to the right (as usual).


Matt White

15th November 2012. Ubolratana Dam. Texas Scramble.

Yet another good day for golf, and as we arrived there seemed to be a nice group gathered around. Registration reveals 12 names; we had advertised this as a 'doubles event', so the numbers were perfect. Just about to draw the partners and # 13 turns up; no problem we have a system to cope with this. Then # 14 & 15 appear from the restaurant; oh the joys of being an organiser. Forget the doubles, 15 is ideal for a 3 man Scramble, so that is what we did. As previously reported,The Dam is in great condition at the moment, so there are very few excuses not to enjoy yourself. Judging by the grins that everyone wore back in the club house, I guess all did enjoy the day. Another pleasing aspect about the day, was the number of new faces; you are most welcome and we hope you will join  us on a regular basis.
The competition itself was very close, with a mere 5 points covering all the teams. However the worthy winners were Charlie Faulkner, Jeff McElhinney and Harry Denman; well done guys.

Jeff & Charlie
(Harry had to depart early, we think with Jeff's shirt!!!!!!!)

25th October 2012. Dancoon GC. Stableford

You do not need to look at the weather forecast on BBC World News to know that winter is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere; just look at who turns up for a KKG event. It is that time of year when our migratory visitors fly in from colder climes to enjoy the warmth and hospitality of Isaan, and renew old acquaintances.
The numbers start to increase over the next few months and this time 22 golfers arrived to exercise their skills. Dancoon is not too bad at this time of the year, although starting to get dry already; plus their decision to start 'coring' the greens does not help. Despite this, some good numbers where returned, with the first 4 places all doing better than handicap, and others not far off. One of our regular 'visitors' carried off first prize; Harvey has flown in from Arizona to show us all how it should be done.
Full Results: 
Nearest Pin  7th; Garry Taylor,  11th; Charlie Faulkner
3rd place:  Mike Court  38 pts
2nd place:  Kazuo Murasaki 38 pts (better back 9)

1st place:  Harvey Campbell  39 pts.

Well done to all the winners, photos below and right as usual.

Harvey Campbell

11th October 2012. The Dam. Texas Scramble

Tropical Storm Gaemi had decided to give Isaan a miss last weekend, although we did get rain on Sunday and Monday, it was only a fraction of what had been forecast. On Thursday the day dawned bright as 6 teams gathered to contest the 'KKG World Cup'.The golf course is in wonderful condition at the moment, so all the teams were anticipating some good scoring. They were not disappointed, once team handicaps had been applied, all the teams recorded a score under par. Team Asia, a late entrant nearly stole the show with a net 63. However, cooking up a storm of their own, the 3 Musketeers (later renamed Mouseketeers) sneaked in with a net 62, a truly remarkable round. An added bonus to the day was the appearance of 4 new faces; all said they enjoyed themselves and we hope to see them return on a regular basis. Photo of winners below, with runners up to the right.

The 3 Mouseketeers: Gong, Au, John Brown

27th September 2012. Dancoon GC, Stableford

The clouds were high, the day was dry; yes, another good day for golf. 16 golfers thought so anyway, as that was the number that turned up for our end of month event. That made it easy; 4 fourballs. There was a bit of a shock shortly after we had started, it began to rain; but it was very light and soon stopped. The rest of the day remained kind, although the heat, combined with the humidity, ensured a few were flagging towards the end. Our winners certainly didn't flag and some good scores were recorded (and some not so good).  Top of the pile was Cheston Chua with 39 points, closely followed by Lee Panter and Garry Taylor with 38 points (Lee was second on countback). In the 19th afterwards it became apparent that whatever was being consumed soon revived those who had wilted somewhat during the round, thus ensuring the perfect end to a good day; our thanks to all. Photo of the winner below, and other prize recipients to the right.

Cheston Chua

13th September 2012. The Dam, Hidden Pairs.

For the last couple of weeks golfers in KK have been checking the weather in the morning to see if their golf is going to be interrupted by rain. This is especially so when a trip to The Dam is involved. We needn't have worried, in fact it was the opposite; clear skies and a very warm day. The course was in very good condition, not wet, although the grass on some fairways was a bit long. The format for the day was 'hidden pairs'; each player plays their normal round, but they do not know their 'partner' until a draw is made AFTER play has finished. Different, and it keeps the suspense going until the end. The 'luck of the draw' resulted in Mark Morris and Alan Griffiths coming 1st with a combined score of 66 points;Tony Bond and Jeff McElhinney were 2nd with 64 points. However the real winners were the entire group; warm day, good course, and some good banter in the 19th at the end. Thanks to all who attended. Apologies, no photos this week.

30th August 2012. Dancoon GC, Stableford.

Another day ideal for golf and 17 eager golfers arrived ready to try and get their hands on the cup. The course itself is a bit of a mixture at the moment, some golfers thought the condition was OK, others were not so complimentary. Whatever the condition it could not stop our winner proving why he has such a low handicap, as well as hitting some prodigious shots (anyone who 'eagles' the 12th must be hitting the ball well). Well done to Dave, but next time give the rest of us a chance.

!st     Dave Gourno  36 pts
2nd   Charlie Faulkener  34 pts
3rd   Garry Taylor  33 pts

Our winner pictured below, others to the right.
Dave Gourno

8th August 2012. Singha Park GC, Stableford

This was KKG's first visit to this excellent course, unfortunately the weather did not play its part. The day started cloudy and windy, and eventually the rain started to fall when the group where on the back 9. However, even the inclement weather could not stop 9 hardy souls turning up to test their skills. Our winner showed he had not forgotten the survival skills he had learnt in Norway in a former life. Well done to Trevor, who lived up to his name, and edged out (my apologies) David Gourno on countback. Well done to all who attended; I am certain we will be back to Singha Park before too long (hopefully in better weather).

Trevor Edge (r)

26th July 2012. Dancoon GC, Stableford

Early morning and there were lots of dark clouds in the sky, not looking like a good day. Arriving at Dancoon the clouds were much higher and lighter, there was also a pleasant breeze; yes, another good day for golf. 18 players turned out, ensuring enough for a good competition. Obviously the conditions suited the competitors because 6 people shot handicap or better, and the rest were not far behind. Overall an excellent day, thanks to all for the contribution they made.
Nearest Pin:  5th  Mick Collins;  17th  Tim Seitz

3rd Place:    Garry Banks          38 pts (on countback) 
2nd place:    Jeff McElhinney   39 pts

1st place:   Mick Fahey      42 pts

Our winner is pictured below, others shown on the right
Mick Fahey

12th July 2012. Ubolratana Dam, Stableford.

For the first time in over two years we played at a different venue; 'The Dam' playing host for our mid month competition. Despite the extra travelling involved, 17 golfers presented themselves to enjoy the challenges posed by this course. Given the number of people who had sent their apologies, being unable to attend because of prior commitments, this was a very good turnout. We also welcomed two newcomers to the group. Thankfully the day was not as hot as we had experienced earlier in the week, and the course was in good condition; I am sure we will be paying a return visit to this course in the future. The golf appears to have been of a reasonable standard with plenty of golfers shooting above, or very near their handicap, but our winner was one of the 'new faces', well done to Cheston.
Full result:
3rd   Alan Griffiths  35 pts
2nd   Garry Bamks    37 pts

1st   Cheston Chua     40 pts.

Our winner, pictured below with others shown on the right.
Cheston Chua

28th June 2012. Dancoon GC, Stableford

The day was bright but there was plenty of cloud cover and a nice breeze, in other words, ideal for golf. Others must have agreed because 20 people turned up ready to test their skills, once again an excellent turnout, well done. That good feeling must have stayed with the golfers because there were plenty of reports of good shots, birdies for the higher handicappers, and general well being, no doubt aided by Dancoon benefitting from some recent rain; in general the scoring was very respectable. For the second time in 3 events, one man rose to the challenge above all others, and again, for the second time, recorded 45 points. Apart from the inevitable handicap review, a name change is also being considered; that of the well known bandit, Ned Kelly, immediately springs to mind. Well done to Garry B on another fantastic round.
Full results:
Nearest Pin:  7th  Mick Fahey   11th  Alan Griffiths

3rd place:  Mick Collins  37 pts
2nd place:  Bjorn Ostlund  37 pts (better back 6)
1st place:   Garry Banks  45 pts.

Well done to all.

Photo of our winner below, other's to the right.

Ned Kelly, oops sorry, Garry Banks

14th June 2012. Dancoon GC,Team Event.

15 golfers turned up for our mid month golf day, so we decided to hold a team event consisting of five 3 man teams. The format was 1,2,3; each team member plays an individual ball and the scoring is stableford points. For the first 6 holes the best score is recorded; the next 6 holes, the best 2 scores; and for the final 6 holes all 3 scores count. The day was bright and sunny, but there was a good breeze which was welcomed by all as it kept the temperature to a reasonable level. Steady golf seemed to be the order of the day, certainly by the winning team of Bjorn Ostlund, Mick Fahey and Alan Griffiths who amassed 72 points, the equivalent of all members playing to handicap. After the golf everyone was in good spirits at the prize giving, and said they had enjoyed the format, which we had not used for 12 months.
Thanks to all the partiicipants.

The winning team
Mick, Bjorn, Alan

31st May 2012. Dancoon GC, Stableford

The day started overcast and remained that way, but the high humidity still made it feel very warm. This did not stop 21 golfers turning up for our end of month event; considering the time of year this was an excellent turnout. It was also good to see some newer faces returning.
As we 'locals' know, the rains have started, and whilst this maybe good for the garden and the villagers out in their rice fields, it has adversely affected the golf course. Dancoon is now very heavy, necessitating us to invoke the 'preferred lies' rule on the fairways, and the bunkers are also in a poor condition.  Dancoon seem to have no idea that bunkers need to be raked on a regular basis to maintain their condition. But on to the golf, despite the conditions, some reasonable scores were posted and the outcome was very close.
Our winners on the day were:
Nearest Pin 5th:  Lee Panter    17th: Garry Taylor
3rd place:  Garry Banks, 34 points
2nd place:  Lee Panter, 35 points

1st place:  Charlie Faulkener, 35 points (better back 9)

Photo of our winner is shown below, the other prize winners are shown on the right.

Charlie Faulkener

Thanks to all who took part.

17th May 2012. Dancoon GC, Stableford
Mick Ansell Memorial Trophy
We are giving this event its own page, link is in the panel on the left.

26th April 2012. Dancoon GC, Stableford

 12th April 2012. Dancoon GC, Team Event
Even though Songkran was imminent, enough golfers turned up to make 4 teams; the teams were picked to include an equal mix of low, medium and high handicappers, finally a 'team handicap' was calculated for each.
Once again the weather was excellent and very warm, well it is that time of the year, so all teams teed off with high expectations. Considering the 'team handicaps', the results indicate that some good golf was played by all. Only 2 points seperated all 4 teams. However, the winners were the team of:
Bjorn Ostlund, Claus Gamdrup and John Brown

The festivities in the bar after the event were tempered for a short period by a sombre moment when all remembered Oily Mick (Mick Ansell) who had sadly passed away in the UK the day before.
Our thanks to all who turned up and contributed to making it an enjoyable day.

15th March 2012. Dancoon GC, Texas Scramble.


What is it about the bunkers in Thailand, do they have some unknown spirit lurking beneath the sand. Mike Court’s approach to the 12th fell short, bounced and ran into the bunker in front of the green, we all saw this happen. We never saw the ball again. A small bunker, reasonably smooth, 6 people looking, no result, strange. What makes it even stranger, this is the second time I have witnessed such an event in the past couple of months; ball clearly seen going into a bunker, never to reappear.

Anyway, the warm weather was obviously inspiring because all the teams had good rounds, with none returning an over-par score for the 18 holes. No team was more inspired than our winners, who must have gelled wonderfully to put together a truly fantastic round. Their final score, a 7-under par round of 65; a Texas Scramble record for Khon Kaen Golf (and they missed a 15 foot putt for an eagle on the last). Congratulations to the winning team of;

Mike Crosbie

Brian Proctor

John Thrower

John Brown