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Results 2013

24th December 2013, Singha Park GC, End of month event
A decidedly chilly spell has descended over Isaan of late but it was pleasant and sunny as the largest attendance for 2013, 30 participants,  turned up for the final event of the year. The course had just hosted the All Thailand Championship and so was in immaculate condition with the pin positions tough and the greens possibly the fastest and truest they could be. Everyone teed off on hole 10, so the back nine was the front nine and the leaders of the Player of the Year, Doctor Ken, Stacy Barham and John Brown went off as the first group.

John Thrower followed up his recent 4th place at Dancoon winning with 40 points, Garry Taylor was runner-up with 39 points, Chuck McCormick in 3rd with 37 points (countback) and Mick Fahey 4th, on 37 points.
Nearest pins came from the first two players, John Thrower on 13 and Garry Taylor on 5. Both birdie chances were converted.

The 2013 Player of the Year competition came to its conclusion and Doctor Ken triumphed, Stacy Barham came 2nd and Garry Taylor, by virtue of his 39 points erasing a previous 31 point score, came in 3rd.

A good gathering afterwards in the clubhouse for the presentations and thanks to Paul Carr for the extra prizes of perfumes and after shave. Thanks as always to Duncan of Leo's Bar for sponsoring the first and second place prizes for the end of month event and to Tom at the No 1 Bar for the Player of the Year event sponsorship.

John (with his Mum over for Christmas) with the trophy.

Garry Taylor finishes 2nd

Chuck McCormick in 3rd

Mick 'Toppy' Fahey in 4th place

A few words of thanks to Mick '6 Iron' Collins for all his hard work both during the KK Golf Events and behind the scenes arranging the venues, sorting out prizes and securing sponsors. Many thanks once again Mick!

Player of the Year - sponsored by No 1 Bar.

The results  of the inaugural Player of the Year were:

Winner: Doctor Ken 156 points
Runner Up: Stacy Barham 148 points
3rd: Garry Taylor 145 points
4th: John Brown 142 points

The full standings for everyone are available here

Doctor Ken with the Player of the Year Trophy

Stacy Barham, runner up in Player of Year comp

Garry Taylor, 3rd in the Player of Year and here receiving his prize for nearest the pin on hole 5

John Thrower, nearest pin on 13

11th December 2013, Dancoon GC, The KK Golf Club Championship - Strokeplay event.
The largest field for 2013 to date, 28 participants, turned up at a hot and dry Dancoon GC for the inaugural KK Golf Club Championship event, the only strokeplay event in the calendar, sponsored by the No 1 Bar, Khon Kaen. 
8 three balls and a final 4 ball headed out, finding the greens dry but fast the fairways reasonably fast too after all the dry weather. The only concession to slow play being that a maximum score of '9' on the card was allowed. 999 for emergency services has never been more appropriate!
Several new faces and a few returning ones. Welcome then to Robert Berge, Martin Holland, Leif Jacobsen and Gerd Rodde and a welcome back to Ron Hughes.
Graham Burke followed up his recent victory at Ubolratana GC by carding a net 66 to win the event by 3 shots from Ron Hughes (69). Stacy Barham and John Thrower 3rd and 4th respectively with net 74's.
4 nearest the pins, Steve Armstrong coming closest at 5 and 17, Ron Hughes at 11 and Graham Burke at 7.
I must report on one of the craziest golf shots ever seen.....6th green yours truly putted past the hole left side, only for the ball to stop on the sloping green, and fall backwards into the hole despite being at least 3 inches beyond the hole at one point!!
 Tom Smith, Manager of No 1 bar and sponsor of the event, presents Graham Burke with the trophies.
 Graham receives his goodies from Mick Collins

Steve Armstrong nearest pin holes 5 and 17

Ron Hughes finishing 2nd

Stacy Barham in 3rd

John Thrower 4th

27th November 2013, Dancoon GC, End of month event
The dry season is in full swing now, and a large group of 23 golfers turned up at Dancoon to find the fairways fluffy, the greens hard and the temperatures soaring!! There were a lot of good scores though, despite the slow playing conditions, and with an eagle on the par 4 14th, John Brown came home with 37 points winning on a countback.
Cheston came in second with 37 points and Stacy Barham came in third. Newcomer Ed Mainman and Doctor Ken both carded 36 points, well done guys.
Also warm welcomes to another newcomer, Michael Lefebre (apologies if mis-spelt), and welcome back to Heinz Risi.
Nearest the pins were Charlie Faulkner (5th) and Heinz Risi came up trumps on 17th. Well done guys.

       Heinz receives his nearest the pin award
        Charlie nearest the pin on hole 5

13th November 2013, Dancoon GC, Mid month event
It was a return to the stiflingly hot weather as 18 competitors met at Dancoon GC for the mid month event. Six teams of 3 competed in a 1-2-3 stableford event, with the best score on hole 1, the two best on hole 2 and all three on hole 3, then back to the best score on hole 4 etc etc counting towards the score. A tough challenge with all the par 5's being on a hole number divisible by 3 and the 15th is SI 1!! Caused some interest on the scorecards too back in the clubhouse but after much unravelling, two teams tied on 71 points.
Winners: Mick 'Toppy' Fahey: Peter Nicholls, Cheston Chua
Runner up: Stacy Barham, Charlie Faulkner, Gordon Hazel
 Winners, Toppy, Pete, Cheston was unavailable
 Stacy, Charlie and Gordon
30th October 2013, Ubolratana GC, End of month event
With  the departure of the summer months in the northern hemisphere, a larger field than normal, 20, turned up for the end of month at the always popular Dam course. Since the previous narrative, there hasn't been a thimble of rain to speak of and blue skies and a hot sun baked the course and sprinklers were evident on the drive in. The course itself was in good nick, greens fast Average 8-9 it said on the notice board, and the new pro shop and coffee shop were resplendent.
Great to see some new faces too, so warm welcomes to Graham Burke, Chuck McCormick and Paul Edwards, and welcome returns to Gordon Hazel and Harvey Campbell.
As opposed to hot drinks after the last event, ice cold beers at excellent prices were the order of the day afterwards.
Winner: Graham Burke 41pts
Runner Up: Stacy Barham 36 pts
3rd: Gene Coffman 36pts
Nearest pins: 5th hole: Gordon Hazel (birdie made)
14th: Steve Armstrong (birdie made) - donated prize to Chuck
  Graham with the coveted trophy and receiving his prizes (below)
                    Stacy receiving his runner up prizes
                           Gene collects his 3rd place goodies
                           Gordon still rolling in the birdies at 82
Anorak section:
I've always been suspicious of the Stroke Index at the Dam, and I have good reason to be it appears. Looking at our scores as a group last time out, hole 12 (the short par 3 with 'two greens' is SI 5 but proved to be the easiest on the back 9 as a group, 20 of us were 12 over par in total (therefore SI 17 and 12 adrift from its real SI). The contra is the long par 5 where you drive towards the Buddha, SI 13 on the card but we found it the hardest hole, so SI 1 (29 over par as a group of 20).
Front 9.....hole 1 was the toughest for us (SI 12 on the card, we averaged 7 shots per person!!!) and the balancing act is hole 5, the long par 3, which is 6 on the index but we found it 3rd easiest and should be a SI 14.
16th October 2013, Dancoon GC, Mid month event
Tropical Cyclone / Storm / Depression Nari tracked westwards from its source in the Pacific Ocean during October, and duly arrived, right on cue, as a bout of exceptionally prolongued rain overnight on Tuesday 15th and all day Wednesday 16th October. Accordingly, only 10 hardy (and wet) souls braved the elements at Dancoon GC for the mid month event, a doubles / two ball better ball team event.
Winning the event were Garry Taylor and Mick '6-Iron' Collins on 41 pts
Runner up and a warm welcome to newcomer Thor Hansem (Norway) and Pete Nicholls on a countback on 39 points.
I'm not sure hot tea or Bovril was available to warm the golfers afterwards, but I am assured there was a good laugh and banter shared by all.

Mick and Garry, winners with 41 points
Mick presents Thor and Peter with runner up prize.
25th September 2013, Singha Park GC, End of month Individual Stableford
The wet season continued to cause havoc throughout the country and Khon Kaen received a fairly wet spell of late, but once again we were spared any deluges for the end of month event, and indeed a burning sun presented itself and the course, though wet in parts, played to its usual high standard.
14 players took part in the event, and a new winner as KK Golf organiser Mick '6-Iron' Collins won the event with 39 points.
The results were:-
Winner: Mick Collins (39)
Runner Up: Doctor Ken (38)
3rd: Stacy Barham (36)
Nearest pins:
8th Roy Yonaoshi
17th John Brown
sadly, neither converted birdies and Roy won't thank me for mentioning his 3 putts at 8 for bogey 4.
I was able to witness probably the drive of the day from 21 handicapper Claus Gamdrup, who's ball, long after he'd swung and the caddy had put the driver in his bag, could still be seen bouncing and careering down the cart path to the left of the 18th.... Google Earth tells me it was a 255 yard hit (give or take). Not bad off 21!!
 Mick with the Trophy
 .....and the prizes
 Doctor Ken receives the runner up award
Stacy finishes 3rd
Roy collects his prize for nearest the pin
11th September 2013, Dancoon GC, Mid month event
More recent rainfall though again the usual morning sun prevailed as the golf society organisors' least favourite number of participants, 17, pitched up at Dancoon GC. So, no team event and individual stableford prevailed.
The course itself, in spite of recent deluges, was in better condition than might have been expected, and the rough has been cut back so balls are findable now (speaking from experience),
On the back of his 39 point victory last time out, Doctor Ken triumphed once again, this time with 41 points and a gross 78.
Winner: Doctor Ken 41 pts
Runner Up: Dave Gourno 37 pts
3rd: Pete Nicholls 36 pts
Doctor Ken was unavailable for the prize giving......Mick '6-iron' Collins presents Dave Gourno with 2nd prize
Pete Nicholls 3rd with 36 points.
28th August 2013, Dancoon GC,  End of month individual stableford event
After a recent period of rain, the skies cleared to reveal burning blue skies as fifteen participants arrived at Dancoon GC for the end of month event. The rough was still punishing and most of the greens had been sanded, but still it took a decent score to win the event, the results being:-
Winner: Doctor Ken 39 pts
Runner up: Garry Taylor 38 pts
Third: Dave Gourno 35 points
Nearest Pins:
7th: Doctor Ken
11th: Doctor Ken
no birdies made, I should add!
 Doctor Ken with the trophy (now lovingly polished, I understand)
and the customary prizes
'GT' receives his prizes for runner-up
Dave Gourno receives his prize for 3rd place.
14th August 2013, Dancoon GC, Mid month 4 club event
Always an interesting event this one, and this time proved no different on a challenging Dancoon where the rough was punishing and the greens a little bit the  worse for wear and inconsistent at times.
15 participants had significantly lighter bags at the start (and for some, lighter still at the end) with the results as follows, the competition being stableford scoring.
Winner: Stacy Barham 33 points
Runner Up: Tim Seitz 30 points
3rd: Peter Nicholls 28 points
Water now surrounds the signature 11th green once again!
Prizes presented by Mick '6-iron' Collins
Stacy Barham receives first prize
Tim finishes 2nd
Peter comes in 3rd with 28 points
31st July 2013, Ubolratana GC, End of month individual stableford event
After a heavy bout of wet weather over the weekend and early into the week, the gods spared the 19 golfers who turned up at Ubolratana GC for the end of month Stableford event. The course itself gave no indication of the weather that had gone before, although it was playing longer and the greens were soft and almost spongy underfoot, but nevertheless true. Special mention to Keith Wood who celebrated his birthday at the event, and as always to any newcomer who comes along, this time Steve Armstrong..... welcome Steve and Happy Birthday Keith. Thanks also to Ian Gledhill of the Khon Kaen Gazette who turned up and took the prize winners' photographs, some of which are shown here.
Prior to leaving for Australia, Josh Nicholls leaves with memories of holding the trophy aloft again, and with a handicap reduction to go with it. Safe trip Josh, hope to see you back here soon.
Winner: Josh Nicholls 41 points
Runner Up: Stacy Barham 39 points
3rd: Mick Fahey 34 points
(Doctor Ken had to leave early and withdrew from prize giving)
Nearest Pin: 5th Mark Vesty
Nearest Pin: 14th John Brown
Josh Nicholls with the Trophy.
 Mick Collins presents Stacy Barham with the runner up prize.
Mick (Collins) presents Mick (Fahey) with his prize.
The marker showing John Brown's nearest the pin attempt at 14. Solid birdie.


 Mark Vesty finishing off his nearest the pin win at 5. Cast iron par!
17th July 2013, Dancoon GC, Mid month team event
With the rain season taking another short break, Dancoon remained dry with greens quick and fairways running. It was, however cloudy and humid which takes some distance off the ball. The event was a 1,2,3 team event with Mick 'Toppy' Fahey, Dave Gourno and Nigel running out winners in a four team event.
26th June 2013, Singha Park GC, End of month individual stableford event
The rainy season made a brief appearance as eleven competitors assembled at Singha Park GC for the end of month event. Teeing off in light rain and finishing the round in heavier precipitation after a mid round lull, Doctor Ken came home with a 42 point haul to win the event. The course played longer than usual with balls not running far on the wet surfaces or even plugging.
Winner: Doctor Ken 42 points
Runner Up: Mick 'Toppy' Fahey 36 points
Nearest pins:
8th hole: Dave Gourno
13th hole: Mick '6-Iron' Collins
Prizes presented by Mick Collins:
Doctor Ken, winner 42 points
 Runner up: Mick Fahey 36 points
 Nearest Pin: Dave Gourno (hole 8)
  Dave Gourno this time presents Mick Collins with nearest pin for the 13th hole
 Doctor Ken with the trophy
12th June 2013, Dancoon GC, Mid month team event
After another period of muggy weather, 16 competitors arrived at Dancoon GC for the mid month event which given the suitability of the total attendees was a four ball team event. There were 7 newcomers to the  group, from Udon Thani and Nong Khai, and pleasing to see one of them in the winning team who returned a gross score of -10 winning by the proverbial country mile
The winning team (opposite) comprising of Charlie Faulkner, Tim Sietz, Matt White and Kaer Cox.
Kudos to Tim for the shirt and positional location for the photo.
29th May, 2013, Dancoon GC, End of month Stableford
Cheston does it again
You could be forgiven for thinking you were reading the same article as a fortnight ago, but once again on an extremely hot day at Dancoon GC, Cheston Chua won the end of month competition with an astonishing 46 points despite previously having been cut to 15 handicap!
Eleven golfers arrived at Dancoon GC for the event, joined for the first time in a long while by Max Cracchi...welcome back Max.
The course remained firm and dry, the greens seemed slower than usual, and whilst the competition started (and ended!) in what felt like fierce heat, it also ended with distant thunder strikes...but alas no rain on the course whilst there.
Our winner, Cheston Chua, grossed 77 with a par first nine of 36.
Winner 46 points: Cheston Chua
Runner-up 37 points: Harald Kobbelvedt (on a countback)
3rd: 37 points: Stacy Barham
Nearest Pin: 5th hole: Matt White
17th hole: Void, nobody found the green!!
All prizes presented by Mick '6- Iron' Collins 
Cheston receives his prizes after his 46 point win
Runner up, Harald Kobbelvedt 37 points (countback)
Looking back at the 11th green - still very dry
Stacy Barham - 3rd 37 points
Nearest the pin 5th hole : Matt White
15th May, 2013, Dancoon GC, Stableford, Mick Ansell Memorial Trophy
The signature 11th at Dancoon - what used to be the island hole!!!
17 golfers took part in the Mick Ansell Memorial Trophy at a very hot and dry Dancoon GC. There was a light wind which made the golf more challenging (for most!) and despite recent attempts at rainfall, the fairways (and some bunkers) were quite firm and dry.
Winner, with a remarkable 45 points, was Cheston Chua who put together a staggering sequence between holes 9 and 14 where he had four pars and two birdies.....(12 and 14 the birdies) and a back nine of 37 gross.
1st: Cheston Chua 45 points
2nd: John Thrower 36 points on a countback
3rd Matt White 36 points on a countback
Nearest Pins
7th: Sam Riley
11th: Doctor Ken
All prizes presented by Mick '6- Iron' Collins 
 Winner - Cheston Chua 45 points
 Runner up (countback) John Thrower
3rd (countback) Matt White
Nearest Pin winner 7th Hole: Doctor Ken: Prize collected by Sam Riley
Nearest Pin Winner Hole 11: Sam Riley
24th April, 2013, Ubolratana GC, Stableford
Table of results   Score cards (edit to add: I didn't receive John B's actual card, only that he had one birdie, 4 bogeys and eagled artisitic license used on his card)
The rains are yet to come with any sort of vengeance and so another hot day at Ubolrat where 13 golfers attended the end of month stableford event. The course, as ever, was in good condition though the greens were a little slower than usual and hit and miss on the last six holes....not that it mattered to John Brown who sunk his second shot on hole 17 for an eagle!!
Indeed, it was John who won the day with 35 points on a count back
2nd: Doctor Ken with 35 points
3rd Stacy Barham 31 points
Nearest the pins:
3rd hole: Doctor Ken
12th hole: Lee Panter
All prizes presented by '6 Iron' Mick

Runner-Up, Doctor Ken
 3rd Place , Stacy Barham
Doctor Ken, nearest pin hole 3
Nearest Pin (hole 3) Doctor Ken
Lee Panter, nearest pin hole 12
10th April, 2013, Dancoon GC, Stableford Team Pairs
In weather befitting the forthcoming Songkran, 14 golfers attended Dancoon GC and as usual there were representations from all over Isaan. In memory of the recently and dearly departed Alan Griffiths, a few words were said on the 1st tee and then Mick '6-iron' spread a few ashes both here, and later on the signature 11th green.
As for the course, the greens were like lightning, the pins trickily placed and the cooling wind that welcomed the start of the round was nothing more than a faint breeze by the close of proceedings. All in all, a tricky days' golf and one that certainly sapped the energy (as the photos opposite testify!!!).
Winners were:-
Peter Nicholls and Mick 'Bing' Crosby 
Runners up
Gordon Hazel and  '6-iron' 
All prizes presented by '6 Iron' Mick
 Winner : Peter Nicholls (Mick Crosby had to leave early)
Gordon receives his prize from 6 Iron
27th March, 2013, Singha Park GC, Stableford
19 golfers attended Singha Park GC from as far afield as Roi Et, Udon Thani and Honolulu (!) as we welcomed Roy Yonaoshi as first time visitor to the society. The normally immaculate course had the majority of its greens cored and sanded (see 11th green below), which rendered putting impossible and so putts within one putter length (34") were conceded
Cored greens
Winners were:-
Nearest Pin 5th : Doctor Ken
Nearest Pin 17th: Brian Proctor (only person to hit the green!)
3rd 37 points Doctor Ken
2nd 37 points John (Frosty) (elected to play off 26)
1st 38 points Steve Haas (elected to play off 18)
Winner Steve Haas
All prizes presented by '6 Iron' Mick
Runner up John (Frosty)
3rd Dr Ken
Nearest pin 5th Dr Ken
Nearest pin 17th Brian Proctor
13th March 2013, Dancoon GC, Texas Scramble
22 golfers faced the brutal heat to form seven three balls (thanks Mick 6 Iron for standing down). Despite playing off scratch, some very good scores were returned.
Winners with -5, Lennard, Dr Ken and Sam Freed
(Dr Ken Photoshopped in)
Runners up Level, 'Bing' Crosby, Brian & Matt White
27th February 2013, Dancoon GC, Stableford.

Well, we have finally managed to play Dancoon again; yes, the Koreans have headed back home, so we shall be enjoying here at this location until the end of the year. Everyone seemed to enjoy returning especially those who made it to the 19th for some refreshment (I think that was everyone)
19 Golfers prepared to do battle against each other and the course. In the end youth seemed to have the upper hand with Josh Nicholls coming out ahead.
Full list of winners
Nearest pin 5th: Charlie Faulkner, 17th: Brian Proctor
3rd place: Sam Freed 34 pts
2nd place: Matt White 37 pts

1st Place: Josh Nicholls 41 pts.
Photo of winner below
Josh Nicholls
13th February 2013, UbolRat Dam, Individual Stableford.
Due to late arrivals, or just chatting in the car park before signing in, Mick had a frustrating time sorting out a format for this meeting. In the end it became a fourball, individual stableford enjoyed by all. At the time of writing I do not have access to the cards for the day but remember Tim handing in a splendid 43 off 13 handicap (no longer, he volunteered a two shot cut). Runner-up John Brown and 3rd Larry Martel.   (Mike Thrower, Web Site Apprentice)
30th January 2013, The Dam, Stableford.scores link

It will be a fairly short write up this week as I could not make the day, unfortunately. We did have one big surprise this week, on Monday IT RAINED; this is not expected in January. Anyway Wednesday dawned bright and clear, with slightly lower temperatures so it was a good day for golf. 22 keen golfers turned up to test themselves against this course which is still in excellent condition. On a day of steady scoring, one of our Scandinavian friends rose to the top; well done to Claus.
Full results:
Nearest Pin 5th Mike Court, 12th Bob Anderson
3rd place: Paul Carr 35 pts
2nd place: Bob Anderson 35 pts (better back 9)
1st place: Claus Gamdrup 36 pts

Claus Gamdrup