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Results 2014


30th December 2014, Month End event, stableford, Ubolratana GC

Ubolratana GC was the course for the final event of the year and 31 golfers (2013: 30) turned up to a sunny course bathed in blue skies but a decided chill to the start of proceedings with caddies waiting on the 1st tee in the sun rather than the shade!

The course was in great condition as always, and despite starting behind a Thai 6-ball, the group seemed to move along at a decent pace, so thanks to our hosts for not holding us up!!

There was an important 'side event' which was the conclusion to the Player of the Year event sponsored by the No 1. Bar Khon Kaen, and the leaders went off first with Stacy Barham finishing one better than his runner up position last year to win the event.

Remy finished the year as winner of the Khon Kaen Golf trophy with 38 points. The results as follows:

Winner: Remy 38 points
Runner up: Leif Jacobsen 37 points
3rd: Harry Farquhar 36 points
4th: Trevor Edge 36 points

Nearest pins: Hole 3: Mick 'Bing' Crosbie
Hole 14: Roy Yonaoshi

Once again a few returning familiar faces to the KK Golf events and indeed a few new ones, welcome back and welcome to all!!

Remy with the trophy

Remy receiving prizes from Mick Collins

Leif in 2nd place

Harry receiving his 3rd place prizes

Trevor in 4th spot

Roy nearest pin on hole 14

Mike 'Bing' Crosbie nearest pin on hole 3

17th December 2014, Khon Kaen Club Championship, strokeplay, Singha Park GC

26 golfers (2013:28) arrived at Singha Park GC for the second running of the Khon Kaen Golf Club Championship, sponsored by the No.1 Bar Khon Kaen, with entry limited to those who had played in three events during the year. Guests were permitted to play with the group.

The weather was cool to start with but warmed up as the morning passed and the north easterly wind was strong making scoring tricky. the pin positions and holes looked a little 'tired' to me, but all in all the course was in its usual excellent condition.

Garry Taylor won the day with an impressive net 68. The results as follows:-

Winner: Garry Taylor 83 (68)
Runner up: Tom Carey 97 (71)
3rd: Stacy Barham 97 (71)
4th: Dave Gourno 76 (73)

Nearest pins: Hole 8: Tom Carey
Hole 17: Leif Jacobsen

A few returning faces to the KK Golf events, welcome back all!!

Garry collecting the trophies from Tom Smith of Number 1 bar

Collecting prizes from Mick Collins

Tom Carey collecting his runner up prizes, he also finished nearest pin on hole 8

Stacy in 3rd

Dave Gourno finished 4th

Leif Jacobsen nearest pin hole 17

26th November 2014, End of month competition, Ubolratana GC

25 golfers (2013: 23) arrived at Ubolratana GC for the penultimate end of month competition, and blue skies and hot weather greeted them. The course was in good condition as always, some of the fairways were wet having had the sprinklers on, but the greens were soft and true. A few newcomers to the KK event, so welcome to you all.

Scoring was tough, and there will be no handicaps cut as a result, indeed, over half the field scored less than 30 points! Always a tough nut is the Dam.


Winner: Gary Ray 38pts
Runner Up: Stacy Barham 36 pts
3rd: Steve Haas 35 points
4th: Tommy Hongell 34 points
Nearest Pin Hole 5: Gary Ray
Nearest Pin Hole 12: Cliff Saveall

Gary with the trophy

Gary collecting some of his prizes (earlier he collected nearest the pin too for hole 5)

Stacy collects his runner up prizes

Steve Haas, finished 3rd

Tommy Hongell in 4th

12th November 2014, Mid Month Texas Scramble, Dancoon GC

Looks like the rains have gone then for another season. 20 golfers (2013: 18) arrived at Dancoon GC for a mid month event which given the numbers turned into a 5 team 4 ball Texas Scramble.

Having triumphed in the previous two Scrambles, it was no great surprise to see that Dave 'Texas' Gourno was part of the winning team with a score of 68, 4 under par.

A warm welcome to several newcomers, namely Joe, Ian and Ulf and we hope you enjoyed your day and will be able to join us again in the near future.

Winners; Dave G, Thor, Mike, Joe (-4)
Runners Up: Garry, Claus, Hugh, Keith

Congratulations to all.

Winners; Thor, Dave G, Joe, Mike

Runners Up: Claus, Keith, Garry, Hugh

29th October 2014, End of month competition, Ubolratana GC

23 golfers (2013: 20) made their way to Ubolratana GC for what is traditionally the first event after the rainy season has ended, and this year was no different. In fact, it was very hot! Several new faces and a few returnees as well as people make their way away from the onset of winter in the northern hemisphere. Welcome to the newcomers and those back with us!

Charlie Faulkner triumphed with a steady card yielding 37 points, the results as follows:

Winner: Charlie Faulkner 37pts
Runner Up: Keith Wood 35pts (countback)
3rd: Stacy Barham 35pts
4th: Seven 34pts (countback)
5th: Remy 34 pts

Nearest pins:
3rd hole: Claus Gamdrup
14th hole: Mick Fahey


Charlie with the trophy and receiving prizes from Mick 6-iron Collins

Keith finished 2nd

'Seven' finished in 4th place (apologies to Stacy in 3rd, photo was somewhat blurred)

Remy in the prizes again, 5th

Claus nearest pin on hole 3

Mick 'Toppy' Fahey nearest pin over the water on 14

15th October 2014, mid month competition, Singha Park GC

16 golfers (2013: 10 - Dancoon) arrived at Singha Park for a much drier experience than last time out and indeed it was cool and the best golfing weather for 7 months!
Tees were well forward probably due to the lack of run on the fairways still, and the results were as follows:

Winner: Dave Gourno 43 pts (gross 69)
Runner Up: Remy 41 pts
3rd: Simon Gourno 37pts
4th: Tommy Hongell 36 pts

24th September 2014, End of month competition, Singha Park GC

16 golfers (2013: 14) turned up to see if the event would be played as heavy overnight rain persisted past sunrise....sun? There is something admirable about the dedication of golfers. The group, undecided about playing, peered over the balcony to find the weather easing and then post draw walked to the first tee in the heaviest rain since everyone arrived. Abandoned? Never!

The first fairway

The weather did ease off after about 9 holes and I must voice a word of congratulation to the caddies (I assume) who looked after the scorecards as they were all legible despite the rain!!


Winner: Mick Fahey 34 pts countback
Runner Up: Dave Gourno 34 pts countback
3rd: John Thrower 34 pts countback

Nearest pins: Dave Gourno, 8th and 17th holes.

Well done all for braving the elements!!!

Mick Fahey with the trophy, and below with prizes

Dave Gourno with some of his prizes from the day

John Thrower collects his 3rd place prizes

10th September 2014, Mid month competition, Ubolratana GC

16 golfers (2013: 17 - Dancoon) arrived under a strong sun at the Dam for the mid month event, a Texas Scramble team of 4 event, the first time the society has held such an event at this course.

The course was in good condition, no evidence at all of any wear and tear due to the recent rains, though some of the fairways were still long / uncut because of the rains.

The first group out took the spoils, carding an impressive gross 65 whilst second place was extremely close, with 71 on a count back deciding matters.

Winners (left to right): Dave Gourno, (Mick Collins presenting the prizes), Mike Court, Tom Carey,  Garry Taylor   

27th August 2014, End of month competition, Ubolratana GC

13 golfers (2013: 15 - Dancoon) headed north (in the most part) to Ubolratana Dam GC in a late change to the chosen venue as Dancoon was given a vote of no confidence after the previous mid month event.

As always, the Dam was in good condition, true yet soft greens and cheap refreshments afterwards and on the course itself!!

A new winner as Lee Panter took first place. Congratulations Lee.


Winner: Lee Panter 39 points
Runner Up: John Brown 38 points
3rd: Garry Taylor 34 points

Nearest pins: 5th Mick Fahey
12th Garry Taylor


Lee Panter wins the trophy

 John Brown's gross 70 enough for 2nd

Garry 3rd and nearest pin on 12th 

Mick Fahey nearest pin on hole 5

13th August 2014, Mid month competition, Dancoon GC

16 golfers (2013: 15) attended the mid month competition at Dancoon GC where it was overcast with little breeze to cool the players. The course was in poor condition, fluffy fairways, deep rough and no improvement from several weeks' previous.

The event was a combined stableford pairs event.

Winners: Dave Gourno and Mick Collins
Runners Up: Remy and Stig Lundquist
3rd: John Brown and Peter Nicholls

Dave Gourno and Mick Collins - winners

Stig and Remy in 2nd


30th July 2014, End of Month Stableford, Ubolratana GC

19 golfers (2013:19) took on the much admired 'Dam' course and as usual the course was in good condition with the greens soft and indeed spongy underfoot as has been mentioned before. Whilst it has been wet of late, the rains held off and a good days' golf was had by all.

Well, for the second year running, a member of the Nicholls family took away the trophy, a year ago it was Josh and this time Peter won the event having finished 2nd at Singha Park in June.


Winner: Peter Nicholls 41pts
Runner up: Jack Price 37pts
3rd: Remy 34pts
4th: Keith Wood 33pts

Nearest pins:

Hole 3: Graham Burke
Hole 14: Jack Price

Both were very very close!!

Peter with the trophy and a look that says "my handicap is going to be cut"

Collecting his prizes from Mick Collins

Jack Price finishes 2nd and also nearest the pin on hole 14.

 Remy in 3rd place

A steady round from Keith who finished in 4th

Graham nearest pin on hole 14

9th July 2014, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

15 golfers (2013: 12) provided the ideal number for a 5  x 3 stableford team event using the 1,2,3 format where the team takes the best stableford score on hole 1, best two on hole 2, all three on hole 3 and repeat for the full 18 holes with 72 stableford points representing par.

The course appeared to be in good nick on the first tee, with the forthcoming competition a week later, but looks were deceiving with the fairways cut, but cut poorly, and the rough long (not necessarily an issue), but Dancoon does what it does best, and manages to leave a slight sense of disappointment!

76 points won the day, and that was Dave Gourno, Stacy Barham and Jeff Barnes

Runners up (75 points) were Pete Nicholls, Mick Collins and Hugh Campbell

 The winning team of Jeff, Dave and Stacy

Hugh,Mick and Pete in 2nd place

25th June 2014, Month End Event, Stableford, Singha Park GC

It had been a little cloudier and cooler of late but the clouds parted in time for the month end stableford event at Singha Park, though a stiff breeze prevailed and made the conditions tougher than usual. 22 golfers attended the event, (2013: 11) including two newcomers to the month end field, welcome Gary Shaw and Alan Leighton. The course is nearing the end of its maintenance program and seemed in decent nick with perhaps the greens slightly slower than Singha at its best.

In a week that has seen both England and Australia dumped out of a certain global event in Brazil, it was nice to see "GB" winning again ....except this time GB stands for the initials of our winner, Graham Burke, who murdered the field with an impressive 43 points which contained no 'blobs / wipes'......and he is of course Australian.....

Winner: Graham Burke 43 pts
Runner Up: Peter Nicholls 39 pts
3rd: Harald Kobbelvedt 36 pts
4th: Brian Proctor 35 pts
5th: Mick Fahey 35 pts

Nearest Pins:

5th hole: Mick Fahey
13th hole: Stacy Barham 

11th June 2014, Mid Month Event, Texas Scramble, Dancoon GC

There has been less rain of late but a nice cooling southerly wind (it was more than a breeze) greeted the 16 golfers (2013:16) at Dancoon for the mid month event. 16 offered the opportunity of a four man team event and Texas Scramble was served up by Mick Collins.

The course seemed better than last time out though running repairs are still evident, and the greens seem to be less rapid than Dancoon is famous for.

Scoring was good, especially from the three teams who fielded a low handicapper and a gross 65 won the day.

Winners:  (65) Stacy Barham, Mick Fahey, Jeff Barnes, Dave Gourno
Runners Up: (70) Mick Collins, Gary Shaw, Graham Burke, Steve Armstrong

The winning scramblers, Stacy, Mick, (Mick Collins giving out the prizes), Dave Gourno and Jeff Barnes

The runners up, Gary, Mick, Graham and Steve

28th May 2014, Month End Event, Stableford, Dancoon GC

Hot scoring and hot weather was the order of the day at Dancoon GC as 23 golfers (2013: 11) braved the fierce heat for the end of month event.

Indeed, so hot was it that I don't think I have seen so many buggys lined up on the first tee as there were for this event.

It was hot out there!!

A newcomer, John Stolz (welcome John) and a few returnees including Ed from Canada and other 'regulars' who hadn't been for a while...welcome back guys.
The course itself seems to change like the weather does around these parts at this time of the year.....some weeks good, some weeks bad, and this week was no different. Sure, there is ongoing maintenance work (and we'd gripe if there wasn't) but some (not all!) of the bunkers had been raked, and the sanded greens of weeks ago had settled back down again to normality.

So, it's congratulations to Garry Taylor on winning his first end of month stableford event with a score that probably matched the temperature....42.


Winner: Garry Taylor 42 points
Runner-Up: Tommy Hongell 38 points
3rd: Jussi Virkanen 37 points
4th: Doctor Ken 35 points

Nearest Pins:
Hole 5: Gene Coffman
Hole 17: Dave Gourno

Garry with the trophy  

 Garry Taylor receives his prizes

Tommy Hongell runner up

Jussi Virkanen and Doctor Ken were unavailable to attend the presentation due to pressing commitments.

Nearest pin on hole 5 - Gene Coffman

Nearest pin / Only person to hit the green on 17 - Dave Gourno

14th May 2014, Mid Month Event, 3 clubs and a putter, Dancoon GC
Another horrendous and torrential storm on the Tuesday but the golfing gods were kind and it remained dry for the 3 club and a putter event (or in '6-irons' case, 3 clubs and a putter left at home under the stairs).
13 golfers  (2013: 15 for the same event) arrived at Dancoon where the water levels in the various lakes around the course were much higher than recently. The course itself is not in the best of condition right now I think it is fair to say, a lot of sand on the greens (arguably more than in some of the bunkers where the rain always has a damaging effect leaving the blue base sheeting visible in some cases).
Well, he did it again!! Dave Gourno now has a four fold sequence of victories, though not surprising this, in a competition that favours the low handicaps and punishes the high who struggle to adjust and manufacture shots, and indeed struggle to putt with a 5 wood!!
Winner: Dave Gourno 32 points
Runner-Up: Garry Taylor 31 points
3rd: Remy 30 points
Dave Gourno receives his prizes
Garry Taylor 2nd, receiving his prizes from 6 iron
Remy finishing a creditable 3rd  

30th April 2014, End of month event, Ubolratana GC
Sandwiched between two torrential downpours in the area on Tuesday and Thursday was the end of month golf event, played in cooler weather and where the only visible liquid was in the bar afterwards and the water features on the course (I cannot possibly forget those!).
19 golfers (2013: 13) rolled up for this one and a few new faces again, so welcome to John Edwards who made his first appearance at a KK golf event.
Well, he went and secured a hattrick of wins...Dave Gourno triumphed with 37 points which included playing the last 12 holes in -1 gross. Great golf Dave.
Winner: Dave Gourno 37 pts
Runner up: Mick Collins 35 pts
3rd: Stacy Barham 35 pts
4th: Mick 'Toppy' Fahey 33 pts
5th: Tim Seitz 32 pts
Nearest pins:
5th Hole: Roy Yonaoshi
12th Hole: Dave Gourno
Dave Gourno in now familiar pose with the trophy.
Mick collecting 2nd place prizes from, er, himself

Stacy Barham finishes 3rd
Tim, possibly in his final KK golf event, finishes 5th. Mick Fahey (4th) was unavailable post round to receive prizes and photos.
Roy Yonaoshi nearest pin on 5

Dave Gourno nearest pin on 12

9th April 2014, Mid month event Dancoon GC
Think of Golf in April and thoughts turn to sunshine, mulit coloured flowers, lightning fast greens requiring uphill putts, green jackets and caddies in green caps, Americans and Australians on the leader board. US Masters I hear you say? No!!! Mid month Dancoon stableford, where all the above were in evidence (caddies in green for those not there). Who would want to be anywhere else??
Flowers by the 12th tee at Dancoon GC - (I don't just throw these articles together you know!!?).
29 hardy golfers (2013: 14) turned up for this Songkran induced rearranged event, several new faces (welcome to you all), and with Murphy's Law producing an unworkable team event number, it was down to individual stableford.
I mentioned above about the American and Australian leaderboard, and so it proved. Dave Gourno battled to a gross 75 and 37 points to win. The results:-
Winner: Dave Gourno 37 points
2nd: Graham Burke 35 points
3rd: Peter Nicholls 34 points
4th Jussi Virkanen 34 points
5th: David Birrer 34 points
Well done all. Same old faces then with Dave, Graham and Jussi featuring amongst the winners last time out. You could add an 'e' to that word to describe my performance yesterday.......(I'll leave that one with you!!).
Dave Gourno triumphant collects prize from Mick Collins
 Graham Burke, runner up
Stacy Barham finishes 3rd
Tim, possibly in his final KK golf event, finishes 5th. Mick Fahey (4th) was unavailable post round to receive prizes and photos.
Roy Yonaoshi nearest pin on 5
Dave Gourno nearest pin on 12
26th March 2014, The Alan Griffiths Medal, Dancoon GC
Please see separate page on the sidebar underneath Results 2014 for this event
12th March 2014, Singha Park GC, Mid month event
22 (2013: 22) players turned up at Singha Park GC for the mid month competition that will be used as a Player of the Year stableford event on account of the strokeplay event at the end of March.
Singha Park was being prepared for the forthcoming Isaan Open (March 20-23) and the greens were fast and some of the pins on subtle slopes (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!!!). It was a very hot day and the humidity exacerbated by the recent fluke rain on Monday evening plus watering of the course for the forthcoming Thailand Tour event.
Overall, an excellent days' golf and a good gathering in the clubhouse afterwards where thirsts were slaked.
Winner: Dave Gourno 38pts (countback)
Runner up: Heinz Risi 38 pts
3rd Gordon Hazel 37pts
4th Garry Taylor 35pts
Nearest pins: 8th Hole: Heinz Risi
17th Hole: Dave Gourno
Dave Gourno with the coveted trophy and below, receiving prizes from Mick '6-Iron' Collins.

Heinz Risi in second place and also winner of a nearest the pin.

Gordon Hazel finished 3rd

 Garry Taylor in 4th
That's a birdie!!!
Harald Kobbelvedt achieved a rare birdie on the 9th at Singha Park GC in the competition, as a shot of his managed to completely decapitate a sparrow that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Head of bird landing a number of metres away from the body I am told. Didn't seem to have too drastic an effect as he still went on to make 5 for 2!!

26th February 2014, Dancoon GC, End of month event
28 (2013: 19) hardy souls turned up at Dancoon for the end of month competition and the temperature has certainly ramped up this last week. Several participants were seen taking in water early, though not sure if that was the weather or a late Tuesday night / Wednesday morning taking its toll. No names no pack drill!
The course, I think, has improved of late....the fairway on 12 is much less like a beach just before the tree in the fairway, the 17th green is green with grass and not so sandy, and the tree behind the 11th green has been felled, though not sure why. But as ever at Dancoon, it was hot!!
The results:
Winner: Mick '6-Iron' Collins 38 points
Runner up: Juha Malmlund 36 pts
3rd: Larry Martell 35 pts
4th: Thor Hansen 34 pts
Nearest pin: 7th hole: Jussi
Nearest pin 11th hole: Thor Hansen
Hole 11: Not much more than a couple of inches from a memorable ace.
 Mick will be taking the trophy home again. Winner with 38 pts 
 Juha runner up with 36 points
Larry Martell, 3rd
Thor collects his prize for finishing 4th having earlier collected his nearest pin prize
Jussi nearest pin on 7th.
12th February 2014, Dancoon GC, Mid month event
Another good following as 28 golfers attended Dancoon GC for the mid month event. The numbers lended themselves to seven teams of four, so it was another Texas scramble event, but four players rather than three.

The weather started off lovely and cool, but as is the time of year, became stifling towards the end.

It was another close event as third place was a multi-way count back, but, the results were:

Winners: Garry, Steve (Pettit), Keith Wood, Tommy (-5)
Runners Up: John B, Gordon Richards, Peter Nicholls, Jessa (-2)
3rd on countback: Dave G, Arild, Thor, Jarmo (-1)

Well done to all who participated.
The winners!
The runners-up, 2 under par
3rd placed team
29th January 2014, Ubolratana GC, End of month event
The largest attendance in the history of KK Golf, 38 participants, turned up at 'the Dam' for the first end of month stableford event for 2014. It was great to have so many new faces turn up, too many to list here, but welcome to you all and we hope to see you again in the future!! The course was in fine condition, wet from watering and the morning dew as Isaan continues to be cool and decidedly pleasant!!!

It was also the first qualifying competition in the 2014 Player of the Year and Stacy Barham has got off to a fine start winning the competition with 44 points with an unblemished card that not only had no 'wipes' but also he didn't have any 1 point holes either!!! 4 shots is the answer to the next question (see Handicap page).


Winner: Stacy Barham 44 points
Runner Up: Steve Pettit 39 points
3rd: Larry Martell 39 points
4th: Mick 'Toppy' Fahey 37 points
5th: Graham Burke 37 points

Nearest pins: Hole 3 Graham Burke
Hole 14 Paul Carr

Stacy with the trophy

Steve Pettit runner up
Larry Martell in 3rd

Mick Fahey 4th


Graham Burke 5th and Graham also finished nearest pin on hole 3

Paul Carr nearest pin on hole 14
15th January 2014, Dancoon GC, Mid month event

It still isn't the warmest time of year in Isaan, but it was against a backdrop of blue skies and high teens, low twenties in temperature that no fewer than 27 golfers pitched up at Dancoon for the mid month comp.

The course, I think it is fair to say, has been in better nick. Some of the fairways resembled sandy deserts, certainly the 3rd and 15th spring to mind as I type this.

However, it was a Texas Scramble comp with 9 teams of 3, with the slightly added twist of the nominated drive could not participate in the second shot. This caused a little consternation amongst the gallery, but at best it meant that you missed out on the 4 second shots after your chosen minimum number of drives, and helped balance things out as the lower handicap players could not use their advantage in a maximum of 6 second shots.

Proof of that working was in the final scores where the top four teams were separated by one shot!!!

Winners; Gene Coffman, Garry Taylor, Graham Burke -1 (71)
Runners up: Lee Panter, Hugh Campbell, Claus Gamdrup E (72)
3rd: John Brown, Mick Collins, Tom Carey E (72)
4th: Mick Fahey, Mike Court, John Thrower E (72)

Winners by one shot , G-Force!! left to right, Gene, Graham, Garry

Claus, Lee and Hugh in 2nd place