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Results 2015

30th December 2015, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

A nice round number of 32 players formed eight fourballs for the last event of the year at Singha Park GC (2014: 31 Ubolratana GC) with a significant number of debutants, far too many to mention but welcome to you all!!! A gentle north easterly breeze and sunny blue skies presented the golfers with perfect weather and the course itself was in excellent condition and a refreshing change from no work being done on the greens which were perfect and as fast as ever!!
Steyn Claassens overcame a strong field to bag 44 points and win the event by 4 points from Leif Jacobsen, the results as follows:-

Winner: Steyn Claassens 44 points
Runner up: Leif Jacobsen 40 points
3rd: Garry Taylor 38 points
4th: Troy Pate 36 points
5th: Stacy Barham 35 points
6th: Dave Gourno 35 points
7th: Hugh Campbell 35 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 8: Gerry Mann
Hole 17: Steyn Claassens

Steyn holds the trophy after his 44 point win (Also nearest the pin hole 17) and below, receiving his prizes from Mick Collins

Leif Jakobsen was unable to attend the presentation to receive his runner-up prizes as he went out again to play another 18 holes, he duly wins the 2015 sado-masochism award to golf in Khon Kaen!!!

A creditable third to Garry Taylor who finished with 38 points despite losing a ball on the first hole.

Newcomer Troy Pate finished 4th with 36 points, welcome aboard Troy!


Stacy Barham in 5th

Dave Gourno receives more prizes, 6th this time round

Hugh Campbell in 7th one of three on 35 points.

Newcomer Gerry Mann nearest pin on hole 8, welcome Gerry!

16th December 2015, Khon Kaen Golf Club Championship, strokeplay event, Dancoon GC

Organised chaos greeted the 31 (2014: 26) golfers who turned up at Dancoon GC to participate in the third club championship event, one of two strokeplay events on the roster, this one sponsored by Number One bar Khon Kaen. Whether the events were connected or not I have no idea, but with the funeral of an eminent Buddhist monk taking place in Bangkok the same day, the reception area at 07.30am at Dancoon was full of monks and staff so much so that the reception area was inaccessible and a makeshift reception desk set up near the drinks hut behind the clubhouse and access to the locker room by the back steps.

Notwithstanding the chaos, everyone changed and made their way to the first tee in pleasantly cool, sunny conditions and a stiff northerly breeze! The course was in decent nick with the fairways perhaps open to slight criticism on grass length and defining the edge of fairway and rough. Greens had less sand on them than of late.

All in all, a great event with John Newell securing the win with a nett 71 which included four consecutive pars, not bad off 19!!


Winner: John Newell (nett 71)
Runner up: Cliff Saveall (nett 73)
3rd: Brian Procor (nett 74)
4th: John Turner (net 74)
5th: Steve Jones (nett 75)
6th: Jeff Hull (nett 76)

John Newell receiving the trophy from Tom Smith of Number One bar and below his prizes.

Cliff Saveall, runner up with net 73 receives his prizes from Tom Smith

Brian Proctor in 3rd place (nett 74)

John Turner a creditable 4th also with nett 74

Steve Jones in good form of late, 5th here nett 75

25th November 2015, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

New Years' Eve might be a few weeks off but Old Father Time himself turned up to win the month end stableford at Ubolratana where a large field of 38 (2014: 25) participated. Gordon Hazel (84) arrived early but didn't register until all were gathered on the 1st tee waiting to go out and attached himself to the third 3 ball, going out earlier in what cool conditions there were. The course itself was disappointing in parts, especially the greens which were sanded and patchy, so a tough test when you finally got there!! Congratulations to Gordon and I am sure all readers would wish to be playing golf at 84, let alone winning monthly competitions!!
Great to see so many new faces, welcome to you all!

Winner: Gordon Hazel (40 points)
Runner up: Steve Jones (39 points)
3rd: Trevor Maidment (38 points)
4th: Paul Sammi (36 points)
5th: Bob Strutt (36 points)
6th: Jeff Hull (35 points)
7th: Steyn Claassens (34 points)
8th: Harry Farquhar (34 points)
9th: Tony Kirby (34 points)
10th: Cam McDonald (34 points)

Nearest pins: Hole 3 Jeff Hull (almost an ace!)
Hole 14: Steve Jones (not far away either.....give!)

Aye aye Captain!! Gordon Hazel holds the coveted month end trophy and below receives his prizes from Mick Collins

Steve Jones in good form of late in 2nd place here, also nearest pin on hole 14

Trevor Maidment running into good form too, 3rd this time out

Paul Sammi also playing decent golf lately, 36 points and 4th here

 Bob Strutt also on 36 points finished 5th

Jeff Hull 6th here and nearest pin on hole 3 which could have proved expensive with 37 thirsty mouths in the clubhouse!!!

 Steyn Claassens in 7th receiving prizes from Mick

Harry Farquhar 8th


Newcomer Tony Kirby in 9th, welcome Tony

Matchplay winner Cam McDonald in 10th

11 November 2015, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

Back to Dancoon then for the mid month event and with 18 players turning up (2014: 20)  it was a decision between a scramble or another team event and in the end it was a 3-2-1 team Stableford event, with 6 teams of 3. The format required all three players to score on hole 1 the best 2 on hole 2 and the best one on hole 3 then repeat through holes 4 to 18.
The course is in decent condition with the sand on the greens largely gone now and if there was any complaint it would be the approaches to the greens which were long and offered no run.
It was a largely sunny day throughout and quite a speedy round all things considered.

The pre-match favourites came through to win the day with 78 points, Dave Gardner, Steve Jones and Scott Wanigesekera, par being 72 points of course.

Winners: Scott, Steve and Dave, 78 points
Runners up: Jeff, Thor and Greg, 70 points

Winners of the 3-2-1 team stableford, Steve, Dave, and Scott

Jeff, Thor and Greg finishing 2nd in the 3-2-1 team event

21st October 2015, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

It looks like I wasn't premature with my assertion that the seasons had moved from rainy to dry as the sun has shined through the latter half of October without so much as a drop of rain.
So it was at Singha Park GC as 28 golfers (2014: 23 Ubolratana GC) turned up for the end of month stableford.
The course is in decent condition as it prepares for a national golf event at the end of the month, hence the date being brought forwards, and the scores reflected the good conditions and state of the track, with no fewer than seven players on par or better!

Winner: Peter Nicholls 41 points
Runner-up: Mike Thomas 39 points
3rd: John Brown 38 points
4th: Jeff Hull 38 points
5th: Dave Gardner 37 points
6th: Trevor Maidment 37 points
7th: Steve Jones 36 points
Nearest Pins:
Hole 5: Jade
Hole 13: Mike Thomas

Not for the first time, Peter lifts the end of month trophy

Receiving his prizes from Mick Collins

Mike Thomas finished 2nd

John Brown followed up on his 67 at Dancoon with a 70 to finish 3rd

Jeff Hull finishing in 4th
Dave Gardner finished 5th

An excellent 25 point front 9 for Trevor who ended up 6th

Steve Jones in good form, 7th here

newcomer Jade nearest the pin hole 5

Mike Thomas nearest pin hole 13

14th October 2015, mid month Dancoon GC

Has the weather turned already? It was a glorious sunny day at Dancoon and under cloudless skies 19 golfers (2014: 16 at Singha Park GC) turned up to thwart any chance of a team event and so individual stableford prevailed!

Dancoon bathed in sunshine

I think it is fair to say that the course, especially the greens, have been in better nick and it is a testament to a great round of golf that John Brown came home with a  gross 67 to win with 41 stableford points!


Winner: John Brown 41 points
Runner up: Miles Floit 35 points
3rd: Steve Jones 32 points
4th: Remy 32 points

Miles Floit finished 2nd

Steve Jones in 3rd

 Remy in 4th (is he wearing shorts??)

30th September 2015, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

A fair amount of recent rain made for a humid and soft underfoot Ubolratana Golf course as 28 golfers (2014: 16 Singha Park GC) turned up for the end of month competition.
The scores were generally good and the weather seemed to hold off until it was time to drive home when the heavens opened!!


Winner: Trevor Maidment 39 points
Runner-up: Cliff Saveall 37 points
3rd: Charlie Faulkner 36 points
4th: Steve Cook 35 points
5th: Garry Taylor 35 points
6th: Deni Price 35 points
Nearest Pins:
Hole 5: Jeff Hull
Hole 12: Graham Burke

Trevor captures the trophy for the second time this year.
Trevor collects his prizes from Mick Collins

Cliff Saveall runner up

Charlie Faulkner in 3rd

Steve Cook finished 4th (countback)

Garry Taylor received his prizes for finishing 5th
Deni Price came home 6th
Graham Burke nearest pin on the short 12th
Jeff Hull nearest the stick on the longer hole 5

16th September 2015, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

A change in the wind direction from the north east provided cooler and more overcast conditions for the 12 golfers (2014: 16 Ubolratana GC) who battled out a stableford competition. The greens were not up to their usual standard and as is often the case at this growing time of year, there was little to discriminate between fairway and rough in places, as they had clearly not had the mowers out as too wet. Accordingly, the scores were generally below that which you'd expect, but no changes nor surprises in the winning photos below!!!


Winner: Dave Gourno 32 points
Runner up: Brian Proctor 31 points
3rd: Mick Collins 31 points

Dave receiving yet more golf attire from Mick Collins

Brian Proctor 2nd after a countback
Mick gets to replace his purple shirt finishing 3rd

25th August 2015, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

It was a delayed but welcome return to Singha Park GC after what has felt like a lifetime of maintenance work on the course. 29 golfers (2014: 13, Ubolratana GC) turned up to do battle over the course which still had greens that were being dressed and worked on.
A noon deluge didn't put many off and most completed their rounds and the scoring, on the whole, was creditable.
Jeff Hull continued his recent fine form winning the event with 39 points. Congratulations to Dave Gourno for his eagle 2 on the par 4 6th hole. My thanks to Garry Taylor for providing the photos, work commitments and a heavy cold meant I was unable to attend.

Winner: Jeff Hull 39 points
Runner-up: Dave Gourno 39 points
3rd: Remy 38 points
4th: Trevor Edge 38 points
5th John Ward 37 points
6th: Steyn Claassens 36 points
Nearest pins: Hole 8: Trevor Edge
Hole 17: Mike Thomas

Jeff Hull with the trophy and receiving prizes (below)

Dave Gourno a solid runner up also with 39 points

Remy finished 3rd after a countback

Trevor Edge in 4th after the same countback

John Ward in 5th, still below par with 37 points

Steyn Claassens in 6th with a 36 points finish

Trevor Edge nearest pin hole 8  

Mike Thomas nearest pin, hole 17

11th August 2015, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

Profound apologies from your commentator on the delay in site update. I had decided to take the cards with me on a business trip and update the website whist away. I recall saying to myself that the last thing I must do is forget the scorecards, and true to form, the last thing I did was forget to take the scorecards!!!

Anyway, back in Khon Kaen now and able to do the necessary.

22 golfers (2014: 15) turned up at a cloudy but warm Dancoon and it soon became clear that a workable team event number wasn't going to work and so an individual stableford was the order of the day, off the white tees due to the lack of run.

Graham Burke polished his shiny new handicap by winning the event with a well scored 39 points, only scoring one blank, on the very last hole. The news is Graham, you have an even newer handicap now ;-)


Winner: Graham Burke 39 pts
Runner up: Steve Jones 37 pts
3rd: Mick Fahey 35 pts
4th: Dave Gourno 32 pts
5th: Brian Proctor 32 pts

Graham receives his prizes from Mick Collins

Steve Jones runner up with 37 pts

Mick Fahey finishes 3rd

 Dave Gourno enhances his golfing wardrobe finishing 4th

Brian Proctor collects his prize from Mick

29th July 2015, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

It's been rather wet of late and with it a level of cloud cover and coolness has descended upon the region. 33 golfers (2014: 19) arrived at Ubolratana Dam to do battle in the end of month stableford in conditions that temperature-wise were ideal, and the rains held off until after the round and indeed prevented people from leaving the bar. Good old Mother Nature!!! Finally a warm welcome to newcomers Paul Booth and Craig Jordan, welcome!


Winner: Bob Strutt 39 pts
Runner-up: Harry Farquhar 38 pts
3rd Steve Jones 38 pts
4th Jeff Hull 37 pts
5th Stacy Barham 36 pts
6th Hugh Campbell 35 pts
7th Cam McDonald 35 pts
8th Mike Court 35 pts

Nearest pins:
Hole 3: Roy Yonaoshi
Hole 14: Steyn Claassens

Bob Strutt with his second win of 2015

Harry Farquhar in 2nd

Steve Jones 3rd

Jeff Hull 4th

Stacy Barham finishes 5th

Hugh Campbell in 6th

Cam McDonald finished 7th

Mike Court in 8th

Roy Yonaoshi nearest pin hole 3

Steyn Claassens nearest pin hole 14

15th July 2015, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

Recent downpours no doubt affected the numbers as 10 golfers arrived at Dancoon (2014: 15) where the weather was pleasantly overcast and cool, the course possibly as green as I have ever seen it and the water features a little more watery!

Hole 18 and 9 with an increase in the water level.

Stableford blind pairs was the order of the day with a slight twist in that with so little run on the fairways the group elected to play from the white forward tees.

Blind pairs in so far as everyone played out and a draw then made in the clubhouse as to who partnered who!

Winners: Dave Gourno and Steve Jones 68 points
Runners up: Cam McDonald and Mick Fahey 66 points

Dave Gourno and Steve Jones ran out winners with 68,  Mick Fahey and Cam McDonald (below) runners up, 66

24th June 2015, End of month event, Dancoon GC

29 (2014: 22 at Singha Park) players took to the course in a late change of venue due to ongoing maintenance work at Singha Park GC.

The weather was very kind with cloudy conditions and a stiff breeze, a light spray of rain at one point and nothing more than that, all players looked in good condition and less fatigued than usual in the clubhouse afterwards. Mind you, spirits were high as Scott Wanigesekera had provided the beers following a hole in one at hole 5 in the competition. Congratulations Scott, and cheers!!

The course seems to be in really good condition at the moment, clearly heavily dependent on Mother Nature as there don't appear to be legions of staff working on it. But it is green and lush and the greens seem to be in good condition, less speedy than usual.

Winner: Dave Gourno 39 pts
Runner up: Tom Carey 38 pts
3rd: Scott Wanigesekera 37 pts
4th: John Newell 35 pts
5th: Jeff Hull 34 pts
6th: Trevor Maidment 33 pts

Nearest pins: Scott Wanigesekera rewarded on hole 5
Keith Wood, hole 11. 

Dave Gourno with the trophy

Mick Collins on tip-toes presents the runners up prizes to Tom Carey

Scott Wanigesekera finished 3rd, helped by a hole in one on hole 5

John Newell came home in 4th place

Jeff Hull receives his 5th place prize

Trevor Maidment 6th place finisher

Keith Wood nearest pin on the island 11th

10th June 2015, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

24 golfers arrived at Dancoon GC for the mid month event, and a 4 player  Texas Scramble with 6 teams.

Hugh, Cliff, Charlie and Mick Collins came home triumphant with a gross 67.

Runners up Brian, John Newell, Dave Gourno and Mick Fahey with a gross 70.

Another hot and steamy day all round.

27th May 2015, End of month event, stableford, Ubolratana GC

Just how hot and steamy was that?? 27 golfers (2014: 23 at Dancoon GC) participated in the end of month stableford in conditions I can only like to a sauna with sunshine burning through the roof!!  

Notwithstanding the conditions, there were some good scores posted and another new winner added to the Hall of Fame.


Winner: Deni Price 38pts
Runner up: Stacy Barham 38pts
3rd: Scotty 37pts
4th: Graham Burke 36pts
5th: John Newell 36pts
6th: Mick Fahey 34pts

Nearest pins:
Hole 5: John Ward
Hole 12: Mike Court

Deni Price with the trophy and below, his prizes

Stacy finishing 2nd, receiving his prizes from Mick Collins

Debutant Scotty finished 3rd

Graham Burke in 4th spot

Mick Fahey in 6th (we only realised that John Newell finished 5th after he submitted his card after the presentations)

John Ward nearest pin hole 5

Welcome back to Mike Court, nearest pin hole 12

12th May 2015, 3 clubs and a putter event, Dancoon GC

18 golfers (2014: 13 for the same event) arrived at Dancoon GC for the annual 3 clubs and a putter event (CCCP as it is known in Russia!) and the scoring was very similar to a year previous.

The weather forecast had said 'cloudy' but blue skies and a bright burning sun beat down and it was pretty hot throughout. The course appears to be in better condition that the notes made on this site twelve months ago, and ongoing maintenance / bunker development was evident on competition day. Keep it up Dancoon, it would be negligent to lose you!

Stacy Barham came home with 33 points (32 won it in 2014) to win the event.


Winner: Stacy Barham 33 pts
Runner Up: Graham Burke 32 pts
3rd: Dave Gourno 32 pts
4th: Mick Collins 30 pts

Stacy receiving his prizes from Mick Collins

Graham Burke, runner up

Dave Gourno 3rd, having won the same event a year ago

Mick Collins presenting himself with 4th place prize

29th April 2015 End of month stableford, Dancoon GC

A late shift in venue saw Dancoon GC host its first end of month competition in quite some time as Singha Park GC's maintenance program rendered that course a less favourable choice and less value for money.

There have been some rains of late, not much, I grant you, but enough to make a sunny Dancoon very steamy for the 26 golfers (2014: 19 at Ubolratana GC).

The sauna like conditions plus what was an extremely hot morning was reflected in the scores with only the winner shooting better than handicap.


Winner: Bob Strutt 37 pts
Runner up: Thor Hansen 34 pts
3rd: Claus Gamdrup 33 pts
4th: Jeff Hull 33 pts
5th: Paul Sammi 33 pts

Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Mick Collins
Hole 17: Roy Yonaoshi

 Bob Strutt with the trophy

Bob receives his prizes from Mick Collins

Thor Hansen follows up his recent 3rd place with runner up here

Claus Gamdrup 3rd

Jeff Hull receiving his 4th place prizes

Paul Sammi 5th

Roy Yonaoshi nearest pin hole 17

Mick Collins nearest pin hole 5

8th April 2015, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

It is US Masters week at Augusta again, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that the green keeper at Dancoon was positioning the holes to make the course here as tough as possible, some of those slopes.....sheesh!! Anyway, 38 souls turned up (2014: 29), and with skies threatening rain but delivering barely a spray, a cool wind helped keep temperatures from boiling over.

Dark skies looking back from behind hole 12.

Nobody finished close to par or better and there were some gasps of embarrassment almost, when it came to the prize giving!

Anyway, a good day was had by all and once again our thanks to those who took themselves off hole 10 to start play meaning there was less of a wait at the end.

The results:

Winner: Dave Gourno 33 pts
2nd: Charlie Faulkner 33 pts
3rd: Thor Hansen 32 pts
4th Gordon Hazel 31 pts
5th: Remy 30 pts
6th: Cliff Saveall 30 pts

Dave Gourno; Winner and more brollies than Mary Poppins (probably)

Charlie receives 2nd place prizes from Mick

Thor (Hansen) in third !


Gordon Hazel finished 4th

Remy's back 9 of 20 points secured 5th

Cliff Saveall in 6th place

25th March 2015, End of month event, stableford, Ubolratana GC

It was significantly cooler at the Dam at the end of month event where 33 golfers turned up to do battle (2014: 22 though played mid month and at Singha Park). The course was in good condition, and the scoring was quite good with no fewer than 20 players scoring 30 points +.

Nice to see a number of new faces, welcome to Khon Kaen golf, and
there really does appear to be a growing core of people turning up now, 26 people have played in 2 out of the 3 month end stableford events so far this year. Thank you all for your support.

A new name has been added to the Hall of Fame as Cliff Saveall came home and won with 40 points, the results as follows:

Winner: Cliff Saveall 40 pts
Runner up: Thor Hansen 39 pts
3rd: Dave Gourno 38 pts
4th: John Ward 37 pts
5th: Gordon Hazel 36 pts
6th: Tom Smith 36 pts

Nearest pins: Hole 3 Mike Phillips
Hole 14 Brian Proctor (neither made birdie)

Cliff with the trophy and below collecting his prizes.


Thor Hansen finishes 2nd

Dave Gourno 3rd 

 John Ward receiving his 4th place prize

Tom Smith finishes 6th (Gordon, who finished 5th was unable to attend the prize giving)

Mike Phillips nearest pin hole 3

Brian Proctor nearest pin hole 14

18th March 2015, The Alan Griffiths Medal, Dancoon GC
Please see separate page on the sidebar underneath Results 2015 for this event

18th February 2015, End of month event, stableford, Singha Park GC

30 golfers (2014: 28) arrived at Singha Park where the weather has started to turn of late and there was indeed a shower prevalent during the event. Not that it made any difference to the scoring in an adverse sense as without a doubt the group scored very well and probably returned the best average collective point score for a long long time, if not ever! The course had little run but the greens were a little long too as the course prepares for the Isaan Cup in the last week of February.

Winner: Trevor Maidment 42 points
Runner Up: Brian Proctor 41 pts
3rd: Remy 40 pts
4th: Claus Gamdrup 40pts
5th: Jeff Hull 40 pts
6th: Gary Shaw 39 pts

Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Remy
Hole 13: Mike Court

Trevor with the trophy and below, receiving his prizes

Brian Proctor receives his runner-up prizes

Mike Court nearest pin on hole 13

Remy 3rd and also a nearest pin winner hole 5

Claus Gamdrup in 4th

Jeff Hull in 5th  

Gary Shaw in 6th 

11th February 2015, Mid Month event, Stableford Pairs

With Valentines Day approaching (hopefully this reminder will save someone's bacon!!!), appropriately it was stableford pairs as 30 turned up at Dancoon (2014: 28) providing 15 teams obviously.

A few words on the course though first. As can be seen below, they are doing some modifications most notably the bunker below at 12 and also the one to the right of the 2nd green is now sufficiently big enough to park two pick up trucks and never seeing them again.

Work on the 12th green, a new 'cliff faced bunker'

The course though, like a lot of Isaan, is parched to be fair, and the greens look dangerously burned in my opinion, though I am no expert on course maintenance!

The white tees also have been replaced (hopefully only temporarily) by these hand made painted tubes....and whilst there are now 100 yard to the pin markers in the fairway, one only had to marvel at hole 15 (anyone else spot this?), where the red 'mushroom' was green side of the 100 yard to the centre of the green markers either side of the fairway....yet it was a red forward pin........ this is Thailand, I guess........ Like a lot of school reports, I think the message on Dancoon is, 'lots of effort but must try harder'!!!

The scoring I think reflected the difficulty of putting on these glass like parched greens and with 'par' being 72 points, 61 won it!


Winners: Mick '6-Iron' Collins and Thor Hansen (61 points)
Runners Up: Jeff Barnes and Trevor Edge (60)
3rd: Stacey Barham and Roy Yonaoshi (59)
4th: Dave Gourno and Peter Nicholls (58) - countback

Winners, Thor and Mick

Jeff Barnes and Trevor Edge, Runners Up

Stacy Barham and Roy Yonaoshi 3rd

Dave Gourno and Peter Nicholls in 4th place


Just a quick word on this, can we please urge everyone to take care with your scorecards making them both legible and easy to ascertain what (and how) you are scoring. You do get the odd mistake creeping in and that is both understandable and recognised, we always check the winning cards regardless to make sure they are correct.

At Dancoon, before being ultimately presented with a legible card for the winners, I received the following (I won't name the parties involved and have hidden the signature) supporting the 61 point total

Answers on a postcard........

28th January 2015, Month End event, stableford, Ubolratana GC

Back to the Dam for the first event of 2015 and 31 (2014: 38)turned up for the event, most in good time.....(do please try and arrive by 08.15 in time for the draw as it is a frantic time sorting that and then getting down to the starting tee).

Well, the course appeared to be its usual self and well watered (or was that your commentator finding the water.....??) and the temperature is certainly on the up after a cool month or so.

Keith Wood put in a great score to win with 43 points and it would appear that everyone had a great day, if not a great score!!


Winner: Keith Wood (43 points)
Runner up: Charlie Faulkner (39 points)
3rd: Dave Gourno (38 points)
4th: Harry Farquhar (38 points)
5th: Cliff Saveall (36 points)

Pins: Hole 5: Dave Gourno
Hole 12: Thor Hansen

A triumphant Keith Wood with the newly engraved trophy with KK Golf logo

Keith collects his prizes from Mick Collins

Charlie made it a pleasant journey back to Buriram with Keith by finishing 2nd

3rd: Dave Gourno who also was nearest pin on hole 5

Harry Farquhar in 4th

Cliff Saveall in 5th

Thor Hansen nearest pin hole 12

The unfortunate Cam McDonald after two huge shots down the par 5 8th, found his ball perfectly 'snookered' behind the brown.

14th January 2015, Mid Month event, Texas Scramble

A return to Dancoon GC for the mid month event and a record number of participants for any Khon Kaen Golf event, 39 (Jan 2014: 27),  arrived in cool weather but sunny skies for the event.  Dancoon will continue to be used for mid month events going forwards.

With several latecomers, the organisers frantically assembled people into teams, which resulted in 10 groups, the last of which being a 3-ball who were allowed the concession of playing the second shot after the nominated drive and an extra putt on the greens to match the four ball groups.

Clearly it was no disadvantage whatsoever as the 3 ball won it, with a gross 69, 3 under par.


Winners: Scott, Cam McDonald, Michael -3 (69)
Runners up: Roy Yonaoshi, Gordon Hazel, Styn Claassens, John Edwards -2 (70)
3rd: Jimmy Cassidy, Miles Floit, Graham Burke, Jeff Hull -1 (71)
4th: Doc Ken, Anders Lincoln, Mike Court, Tommy Hongell -1 (71)

The groups as a whole were well matched with 75 being the highest score out of 10 groups.

Thanks to Garry Taylor for collating the cards, the three groups who elected to start on hole 10 to speed things along, and to everyone for making the event the success that it was. Thank you.

Winners, Michael, Cam and Scott

 Runners up: Roy, Gordon, Styn and John

3rd: Jimmy, Graham, Miles, Jeff

 4th: Anders, Tommy, (Mike and Dr Ken were unavailable for the photos and presentations)