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Results 2016

28th December 2016, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

22 golfers (2015: 32) assembled at Singha Park GC for the last event of 2016 and the course itself was in immaculate condition, especially  the greens which were billiard tables with slopes!!
There was a brisk breeze blowing across the course from the east making club selection tricky but all in all the scores were decent and a great day had by all. It was the final scoring event for the 2016 Player of the Year competition but nobody made any significant in-roads into Mick Collins' lead (see home page).
Nice to see several new faces again for this event, thanks guys, you are more than welcome and hope to see you regularly.


Winner: Graham Burke 37 points - countback 20
Runner up: Trevor Edge 37 points - countback 17
3rd: Dave Gourno 37 points - countback 16
4th: Ed Mainman 36 pts
5th: Gerry Mann 36 pts
Nearest pins:
Hole 8: Cam McDonald
Hole 17: Tomas Gustafsson

Well done all!!

Nice one Graham, winner again

Goodies for Graham presented by Mick Collins

A strong round from Trevor finishing 2nd

Dave Gourno 3rd on countback
Ed Mainman with a creditable 4th place and 36 pts
Lovely to see Gerry Mann back, and a good result, 5th here

Nearest pin hole 8, and not far off an expensive afternoon, Cam McDonald

Newcomer Tomas Gustafsson nearest pin on 17, well done Tomas!

14th December 2016, mid month event, Khon Kaen Golf Club Championship, Dancoon GC

A disappointing turn out of only 12 golfers for this event (2015: 31), the second strokeplay event on the calendar, the Khon Kaen Golf Club Championship. Dancoon appears to have survived the recent rain season and the course is in decent nick now with the water features having less water in them than previously...not that there could have been more, I should add!!!
Having previously secured the Khon Kaen golf Matchplay event around the same course a month previously, Dave Gourno once again triumphed with a net 72 including a birdie 3 on hole 15, stroke index 1.
Claus Gamdrup came in 2nd (net 74) and Charlie Faulkner, playing well of late in 3rd (net 75).

Dave Gourno with the Club Champion trophy, a deserved and well received winner, congratulations Dave

A bottle of something worthwhile, to celebrate with

Claus Gamdrup runner up with a net 74

Charlie Faulkner in the frame again, 3rd here with a net 75

30th November 2016, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

35 golfers (2015: 38) were shepherded to the 4th tee in a chaotic start to the month end stableford at Ubolratana GC - the reason being maintenance work on the greens on holes 1 to 3.
Anyway, with one or two late arrivals adding to the confusion, we all got away from tee box 4 pretty much on time. The course is in decent condition, apart from cored and dressed greens in places, which made putting tricky, not least on the opening fourth hole!!
Typically, the starter allowed a six ball to tee off from hole 1 as some of our groups were finishing 18 with 3 holes still to play.....grrrrr!!!
Please note that I had 2 'nil returns' score card was not signed or named and one not submitted at all!!!!
Not that any of the inconvenience affected the November mid month competition winner Thor Hansen from completing a win double here by winning the event with a creditable 40 points!!!
Mick Collins, despite a back ailment, turned up to see the groups off and make the prize presentations afterwards, not to mention help arrange a hearty meal at Aoy's restaurant on highway 2 at the end of the highway 2109 (the Ubolratana road). Prizes were generously awarded down to 10th place and the results were:-

Winner: Thor Hansen 40 pts
Runner up: Jeff Hull 38 pts
3rd: Ulf Berggren 36 pts
4th: Cam McDonald 36 pts
5th: Gareth Davies 35 pts
6th: Charlie Faulkner 35 pts
7th: Trevor Edge 34 pts
8th: John Yoo 34 pts
9th: Mikey Thomas 34 pts
10th: Harry Farquhar 34 pts
Nearest Pins:-
Hole 14 Roy Yonaoshi
Hole 3 Dave Gourno

Thor Hansen holds the trophy aloft and receives his prizes from Mick Collins below

Jeff Hull 2nd here
Ulf Berggren 3rd

Cam McDonald improves his 2016 Player of the Year chances with a 4th placed 36 point haul

Gareth on top of his game (and the camera!!) 5th here

Recent winner Charlie Faulkner finds his new handicap no problem to play to
Trevor Edge receives his KK Golf shirt for 7th place
John Yoo in 8th
Mikey Thomas finishing 9th here
Harry Farquhar receiving his KK Golf t-shirt for his 10th place finish
Balls to Roy for his nearest pin on hole 14
Almost predictably, some new balls for Dave Gourno for his nearest pin on hole 3.
16th November 2016, mid month event, Dancoon GC

The draw had been made and 7 groups of 3 made their way to the 1st tee for a welcome Texas Scramble only to be thwarted at the last minute by a very late arrival, and so 22 players (2015: 18) played an individual stableford off the white tees as the course was still  soft underfoot allowing for little run.

As it turned out Mick generously gave prizes down to 6th place (36 points or better) and the results were as follows:-

Winner: Thor Hansen 39 points
Runner up: Ulf Berggren 38 points
3rd: Jeff Hull 38 points
4th: Paul Samme 38 points
5th: Cheston Chua 36 points
6th: John Thrower 36 points

Congratulations to the winners and all who took part.

Thor a deserved winner with 39 pts

A Scandinavian 1-2 with Ulf Berggren finishing 2nd here

Jeff Hull close behind with 38 points finishing 3rd

Paul Samme receives his prize for 4th, identical in colour to the one he was wearing

Cheston Chua with 36 points a late card submission but good enough for 5th here

John Thrower a peripheral prize winner again, 36 points

26th October 2016, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

20 golfers (2015: 28) turned up for the end of month singles stableford at Singha Park GC. The numbers slightly down owing perhaps to the recent match with Udon Thani at the same course, plus a pending trip to Kao Yai for the Udon golfers. Nevertheless, the course was in its usual impeccable condition and the weather was set fair as five groups of four set out from the first tee.


Winner: Charlie Faulkner 40 pts
Runner up: Phil Kington 38 pts
3rd: Craig Thompson 35 pts
4th: Gordon Hazel 33 pts
5th: John Thrower 33pts
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Harvey Campbell
Hole 13: Gordon Hazel

He likes October....Charlie wins the end of month event (last time winner in October 2014) and receiving his prizes below

Phil Kington in good form, 38 points runner up

Newcomer Craig Thompson in 3rd, welcome Craig, well done!

Old Father Time himself, Gordon Hazel, 4th and a nearest the pin  hole 13 winner, hearty congratulations and welcome back Gordon


John Thrower 5th and a handicap cutting worthy front 9 

Welcome back to Thailand Harvey Campbell, nearest pin hole 5

12th October 2016, mid month event, Dancoon GC

If your commentator showed as much enthusiasm for the write up as Khon Kaen golfers did for this event, the commentary would have been over by the word 'If'!!! Only 5 players (2015: 19) rolled up for this one which may have been due to heavy rains recently affecting a course that hadn't been mowed and whose fairways were sodden and the grass lengthy to say the very least. Also there is the Khon Kaen v Udon Thani matchplay event coming up, so people perhaps saving themselves for that? So, what of the course? Having personally attempted to play there 2 days previous it was a real surprise to see that the ground staff had mown the fairways and the sun was getting through to dry the saturated land. OK, it was still wet underfoot but far more playable than days earlier. So it was then that the 5 went off the white tee boxes owing to complete lack of run.

Continuing his recent form, Mick Collins came home with 33 points to win the event.

Mick Collins finishing 1st (again!)

John Thrower came in 2nd with 32 points

28th September 2016, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

28 golfers (2015: 28) turned up for the end of month singles stableford at a very sunny Ubolratana GC. The heavy rains of late abated for the morning at least and a bright burning sun greeted the golfers on the first tee. The course was wet in parts but compared to others in the region has stood up well to the recent deluges. Mind you, the river running parallel to hole 17 looked swollen so one assumes they are letting water through the dam itself upstream and behind the course.

Several newcomers, too many to mention individually, and a huge and warm welcome to you all, we hope you enjoyed the days' golf and will frequent future events. Pleasure to see you all there.

Mick Collins triumphed from one of the early groups and nestled his 39 points closely as the other groups drifted home. This was Mick's second victory of late having won at Singha Park GC in June.


Winner: Mick Collins 39 points
Runner - up: Cam McDonald 35 points
3rd: John Thrower 35 points
4th: Gareth Davies 34 points
5th: Harry Farquhar 33 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Cam McDonald
Hole 12: Kade Robertson

Congratulations to all prize winners and everyone taking part.

Mick 6-iron Collins with the trophy (again!) and below with prizes

Cam McDonald, runner - up after two consecutive victories

John Thrower, another 3rd place finish

Gareth Davies in 4th place

Harry Farquhar finishing 5th

Cam nearest pin hole 5

Newcomer Kade Roberston nearest pin on the short 12th

14th September 2016, mid month event , Dancoon GC

For visitors to the web site who are not presently in Khon Kaen or haven't been for a while, then the news is that this is turning into one of the wettest rainy seasons in recent years, and the weather heading into the event at Dancoon was horrendous with persistent heavy rain from 09.00 Tuesday morning to 07.00 Wednesday morning. Mick Collins inspected the course at Dancoon at 07.30 and there was casual water everywhere, including the greens. With only 4 players there at 08.00 the competition was deferred until 09.00 and the unanimous decision was made that golf would go on and at 09.00 9 players (2015: 12) ventured out and played an individual stableford off the white tees due to lack of run / plugging. A big THANK YOU and well done to everyone who took part!!!


Winner: Deano 39 pts
Runner up: Jeff Hull 38 pts - countback 20
3rd: John Newell 38 pts - countback 19

Paul Kelly receives winners prize on behalf of Deano

Jeff Hull 2nd


John Newell 3rd

31st August 2016, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

26 golfers (2015: 29) signed up for the end of month singles stableford at a sunny Singha Park GC. The fairways were wet from early morning sprinklers and recent rains, and the greens were quite firm but true. As the day progressed the wind got up a little and overall it was a decent test of golf reflected in the scores where 33 points won the event, one of the lowest stableford points totals to win a KK Golf event.

However it was Cam McDonald who won back to back monthly competitions, the first to do so since Dave Gourno back in early 2014, congratulations Cam!

A number of new players turned up and our thanks and welcome to all the newcomers to Khon Kaen golf, we hope that you enjoyed your day.


Winner: Cam McDonald 33 points (countback 18)
Runner-up: Harry Farquhar 33 points (countback 12)
3rd: John Thrower 33 points (countback 11)
4th: Steve Hoss 32 points
5th; Jeff Hull 31 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 8: Eric Crutchfield
Hole 17: Graham Burke

Cam McDonald captures back to back victories

Cam receiving his winners prizes from Mick Collins

Harry Farquhar in 2nd place

John Thrower 3rd

Steve Hoss 4th

Jeff Hull finishing 5th

Debutant Eric Crutchfield nearest pin on hole 8

Graham Burke nearly aced hole 17 after his recent hole in one at Dancoon, but nearest pin comfortably here

17th August 2016, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

A workable 15 players (2015: 22) turned up to a windy Dancoon GC for the mid month event which was a 3-2-1 team Stableford event where all three team members score on hole 1, best 2 on hole 2 and best score on hole 3 then repeated through to holes 16,17,18, making par 72 points.

All in all it was a very close event with the top four (of five) teams all within 2 points of each other.

The course is in decent nick at present with the fairways being cut and a decent amount of run on the course despite recent infrequent downpours.

Winners: Gareth Davies, Ed Mainman, Harald Kobbeltvedt (74 points)
Runners-up: Eugene Wynne, Dave Gourno, Lee Panter (73 points)

Gareth, Ed and Harald receiving their winners prizes from Mick Collins (far left)

Eugene, Dave and Lee receiving a sleeve of balls each for finishing 2nd.

27th July 2016, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

21 golfers (2015: 33) arrived at a sunny Ubolratana GC for the end of month event where the course was in great condition. I am also pleased to report that there were no golf cart shenanigans this month, other than one failing to start on the first tee which was hastily replaced. KK Golf also said 'goodbye' to one of its regular participants, Garry Taylor, and I'm sure you will all join me in wishing him well on his new journey in Chiang Rai, good luck Garry.
The competition itself was a close affair and one that didn't trouble the handicap committee as 36 points won it on count back!


Winner: Cam McDonald (36 pts)
Runner up: Garry Taylor (36 pts)
3rd: Hugh Campbell (35 pts)
4th: Colin Ashton (35 pts)

Nearest pins: Hole 3: Roy Yonaoshi
Hole 14: Michael Fischer

Cam McDonald nurses the KK Golf Trophy

Receiving prizes for 1st place from 6-Iron

 Garry Taylor sets off for Chiang Rai with a runners up spot

Hugh Campbell 3rd on a count back

13th July 2016, mid month event Texas Scramble, Dancoon GC

Library picture - not the actual scene from Dancoon GC

The story from the mid-month event at Dancoon was not so much the golf but the tale of an out of control golf cart / caddy which allegedly careered over the bridge between the 9th green and 1st tee, bouncing several times off the wall before doing a U-turn into the water feature. The golf member was not seen at the presentation afterwards and we can only assume he was ok, though I should point out that he wasn't responsible for driving the cart and was seen holding up a carrier bag full of empty cans of beer after the incident - allegedly!!.

Anyway, to the side show that was the golf.....
16 (2015: 10) turned up and provided Mick with 4 teams of 4 and another Texas Scramble. With no big hitting low handicap players, all players were allowed to take their second shot and the groups were well picked as only 5 shots separated the 4 groups.

The top two groups were separated only on count back and the gross score of 70 (-2) won the day and won second place:

Winners: Alan Maskell, Garry Taylor, Gareth Davies and Dean (not at presentation)  gross 72
Runners up: Harald Kobbelvedt, Charlie Faulkner, Cheston Chua and
Phil Kington gross 72

29th June 2016, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

27 golfers (2015: 29 - Dancoon GC) arrived at an overcast Singha Park GC for the end of month event. There has been some very heavy rain of late but the course appeared to have drained better than expected and the greens were in their usual consistent fast condition. Rain threatened throughout and indeed delivered for the closing groups but all in all a great days' golf.

Winner: Mick Collins 39 points
Runner up: Mikey Thomas 38 points
3rd: Phil Kington 37 points
4th: Doctor Ken 36 points
5th: Dave Gourno 35 points
6th: Jeff Hull 35 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Cheston Chua
Hole 13: John Thrower

Mick Collins lifts the KK Golf trophy after winning with 39 points

Collecting his prizes off himself for winning

Mikey Thomas runner up with a creditable 38 pts

Phil Kington, 3rd here after a Texas Scramble strong finish 2 weeks earlier

15th June 2016, mid month event Texas Scramble, Dancoon GC

It's been almost 12 months since the numbers enabled a Texas scramble but thankfully 18 (2015: 24) turned up at Dancoon GC and formed six teams of three. It was a warm day with a strong breeze and whilst the course is in better condition, some found the greens too well watered and unusually (for Dancoon) slow!
Welcome to the several newcomers, John Huffett and Steve Parrott from Sunset Bar and Alan Porter and Phil Cerny who found us from this very website. Welcome all!!!

Winners: Cheston Chua, Charlie Faulkner, John Huffett (gross 71, -1)
Runners up: Dave Gourno, Phil Kington and Eugene Wynne.

Charlie, Cheston and John with Mick Collins in white receiving their winners prizes.

Eugene, Phil and Dave runners up this time.

25th May 2016, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

It's got a little bit cooler but no wetter recently and 21 golfers (2015: 27) arrived at a sunny Ubolratana GC all in good time (many thanks all!!)  and three groups of 4 and three of 3 headed east down the first for the end of month stableford. Overall, the scoring was pretty good in conditions that were quite excellent, not too steamy and a westerly breeze kept things interesting, but not really cool!!
It was a third consecutive month end win for the Udon Thani guys, and this time Cliff Saveall came home in group 1 with 37 points to win the trophy (my thanks again Cliff for collating and collecting the cards). As always, a huge welcome to the newcomers to KK Golf, Don Martin and Don Jordan in this case, we hope you guys enjoyed the day and continue to frequent the gatherings.

Winner: Cliff Saveall 37 points
Runner up: Trevor Edge 35 points
3rd: Jeff Barnes 34 points
4th: Don Martin 34 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 5: John Thrower
Hole 12: Charlie Faulkner

Cliff receives the trophy from John T, and his prizes below

Trevor Edge runner up with 35 points

Jeff Barnes, no stranger to the prize places of late, 3rd here.

newcomer Don Martin in 4th, well done Don.

Last group player John Thrower nearest pin on hole 5 

Charlie Faulkner, pipped by inches on hole 5 but nearest pin on hole 12.

11th May 2016, mid month event stableford, Dancoon GC

9 hardy golfers (2015: 18 - Dancoon GC for the same event) arrived at a baking hot Dancoon for the annual 3 club and a putter event, which if nothing else made the draw easy and made for a swift round and finish.
Historically, low 30s points has been a competitive score in this event (33 points winning it in 2015 and 32 the year previous) and so it was again as John Thrower came home with 32 points to win the event from two tied on 30 points (Graham Burke and Hugh Campbell, with GB winning on a countback which went to the last 6 holes!). 3 wood, hybrid / rescue 4 and PW the 3 clubs of choice. All in all a good event and enjoyed by all that took part it seems.


Winner: John Thrower 32 points
Runner up: Graham Burke 30 points

27th April 2016, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

29 golfers (2015: 26 - Dancoon GC) arrived at a blustery but hot Singha Park GC for the end of month event. The course was in very decent condition and the greens were fine despite warnings of having been dressed...there was no evidence of this.
The major factor again was a strong south westerly wind which made for a tough start into the stiff breeze. It was certainly very warm out there with temperatures again breaking the 40 degree barrier with ease...all thirsts appeared to have been quenched in the bar afterwards though!!


Winner: Harry Farquhar 38 points
Runner- up: Ian Barrett 37 points
3rd: Graham Burke 37 points
4th Jeff Barnes 36 points
5th: Phil Kington 36 points
6th Mick Collins 36 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 8: Graham Burke
Hole 17: Doctor Ken

Harry presented with prizes and trophy on winning the end of month event

Ian Barrett 2nd with 37 points
Graham Burke 3rd receiving prizes from Mick Collins

Jeff Barnes 4th place 36 points
Phil Kington 5th also 36 points
Mick Collins in good form, 6th this time around
Graham nearest pin, hole 8...Doctor Ken was unable to stay around for the presentation but was nearest pin on hole 17.

5th April 2016, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

With the event brought forward on account of the Chakri Day public holiday on the Wednesday and Songkran the week after, plus it only being 6 days after the end of month event at the Dam, only 10 golfers (2015: 38) arrived to compete in fiercely hot temperatures.

Not the required number for a Texas Scramble so blind pairs stableford was denominated the format for the event, all playing individual stableford then a draw afterwards to determine who partnered who....

There was some good and some 'less good' scoring with Mick Collins returning the best individual score of 40 points followed by Roger Strickland on 38 and Hugh Campbell on 37 points.

The draw paired Mick and Hugh and so they comfortably won the event with 77 points. Roger was drawn with Brian Proctor and they finished with 67 points and comfortable runners up. Congratulations to all who took part, it was sure hot out there!!!

Mick and Hugh - comfortable winners on 77 points

Roger and Brian with Mick Collins

30th March 2016, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

21 golfers (2015: 33) rolled up at 'the Dam' where it was significantly warmer than the end of January competition and a very manageable number of participants - thank you! All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day which finished in good time as 3 threeballs and 3 fourballs headed out on to the course. The course itself is in decent condition, the greens seemed truer than recent competitions there and less sanded and no grooves.

Overall, the scoring was decent by and large, and Paul Samme came home with his new Pings and 43 points!! Honestly, no putt was safe out there, well played Paul!!!


Winner: Paul Samme 43 points
Runner up: Mick Collins 40 points
3rd: Claus Gamdrup 38 points
4th: Deni Price 35 points
5th: Garry Taylor 35 points
6th: Trevor Edge 35 points
Nearest pins:
Hole 3 - Cam McDonald
Hole 14 - Ed Mainman

Rogues....I mean winners gallery...

Paul holds the trophy aloft, something someone from Leeds hasn't done in a long time, to be fair!!!

Prizes received from Mick Collins

Mick in 2nd place again, great effort!

Claus in good form at present and a 38 point 3rd place here

Cheers / chairs for Deni in 4th
Garry Taylor in 5th

Trevor Edge finishing in 6th

Cam McDonald all smiles with nearest pin on hole 3

Ed Mainman nearest pin on hole 14


16th March 2016, Alan Griffiths Medal

Please see the separate tab on the side bar / menu for the results of this event (under Results 2016). 

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24th February 2016, End of month stableford, Singha Park GC

26 golfers (2015: 30) turned up at Singha Park GC for the end of month stableford where the 'Mahasarakham Mistral' was howling east to west across the course adding an additional test for the golfers, not to mention the recently dressed greens.
Scoring on the whole was very good indeed, with the entire field scoring high twenties or better!! A great effort given the trickier than usual conditions.
Tom Carey managed to win the event (but has since has been deducted 2 shots for 2 holes under R&A rules for carrying 15 clubs in the bag) and never looked back after parring the first hole for 4 points!! This promotes Thor Hansen to 1st place!!


Winner:Thor Hansen 38 pts
Runner Up: Tom Carey 37 points
3rd: John Thrower 37 pts
4th: Eugene Wynne 37 pts
5th: Jeff Hull 37 pts
6th: Gareth Davies 37 pts
Nearest Pins:
Hole 5 Gareth Davies
Hole 13 Mick Collins

Tom Carey lifts the trophy after winning the end of month event

Receiving his prizes for winning from Mick Collins

Thor Hansen runner up

John Thrower in 3rd

 Eugene Wynne  a creditable 4th

Jeff Hull always thereabouts, and 5th this time around

Gareth Davies finished 6th on countback (joint 3rd really!) and also won a nearest pin prize on hole 5

6- Iron (Mick Collins) holds his balls after winning nearest pin on the tough 13th into that wind

10th February 2016, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

Once again we were left to compete in an individual stableford despite the final numbers being 27 (2015:30) due to latecomers and the draw already made for 26 by 08.15. Notwithstanding that, welcome to all the new participants, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed your day and will visit again.

On another cool morning bathed in sunshine Dave Gardner carded a creditable 41 points to win the event. The course is playing very well at the moment with the greens running true and very green rather than the burned brown we have seen in times past.

The results as follows:-

Winner: Dave Gardner 41 points
Runner up: John Thrower 39 points
3rd: Lee Panter 38 points
4th: Steve Jones 38 points
5th: Claus Gamdrup 36 points
6th: Jeff Hull 36 points
7th: John Yoo 34 points

Dave Gardner wins the mid month event, 41 pts

John Thrower finishing 2nd with 39pts
Lee Panter in 3rd, welcome back Lee

Steve Jones features again and this time in 4th
Claus Gamdrup comes home 5th and receives a new t-shirt from Mick Collins for his efforts 

Jeff Hull, no stranger to the prize giving finished 6th this time
John Yoo 7th with 34 points this time around

27th January 2016, End of month stableford, Ubolratana GC

After the recent cold snap 21 (2015: 31) players donned long trousers and a variety of warm clothing for the end of month stableford event at Ubolratana GC. The course was in decent condition with the greens less bumpy than they have been and the weather was a distinct improvement on the beginning of the week when temperatures fell below 10 degrees!!

Overall, Cam McDonald came in with the best score, the results being as follows:-

Winner: Cam McDonald 41 points
Runnner up: John Yoo 39 points
3rd: Harry Farquhar 37 points
4th: Tom Carey 36 points
5th: Jeff Hull 34 points

Nearest pins:
Hole 5: Cam McDonald
Hole 12: Bob Strutt

Cam holds the trophy after winning with 41 points

Cam receives his first place prizes from Mick Collins having also finished nearest the pin on hole 5

John Yoo finishing 2nd in his first KK Golf event, welcome John and well done!

Harry Farquhar finished 3rd

Tom Carey finished 4th, 36 points and 4 blobs!

Jeff Hull in 5th

13th January 2016, Mid month event, Dancoon GC

The gods of mathematics dealt a number that once again dictated that an individual stableford be the format for the mid month event again as 25 turned up (2015: 39!) at Dancoon GC.
In a week when the world lost David Bowie, it was somewhat appropriate that Ziggy spread some stardust to win the event in conditions that were in the main cool and pleasant for golf. The course is in decent condition, with the greens both looking and running well, the fairways patchy as always and the approach to the greens usually woolly and sometimes wet and soft.

Winner: Ziggy Tueite 35 points
Runner -up: Mick Collins 34 points
3rd: Steve Jones 34 points
4th: John Thrower 33 points
5th: Steyn Claassens 33 points
6th: Harald Kobbelvedt 31 points
7th: Gordon Hazel 31 points

Ziggy Tueite wins the day with 35 points
Mick Collins presenting himself with 2nd place prizes

No stranger to the winners enclosure, Steve Jones 3rd this time around

Conversely, a stranger to the prize roster, John Thrower starts off 2016 in 4th

Steyn Claassens unfazed by his recent handicap chop, 5th here

Harald comes home 6th on 31 points

Gordon Hazel rolls back the years once again to finish 7th