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Tips from our Pro

Here in Khon Kaen we are fortunate to have amongst us an English PGA (teaching) Professional, John Brown.
John, a Khon Kaen resident for 5 years, runs PJA Golf Clinic. The services he offers include: customised club fitting, 'trackman' swing analysis, golf instruction and equipment sales. You can contact John on 043 468 616.

John has kindly agreed to run a series of tips that will help you improve your game. These tips will be linked and will 'follow on' building up to a good base for your game.

Tip number 06

Checking your alignment, yes this is BORING !!!!! mmm lets see how you feel after you have read this piece. 

The truth of the matter is that golfers naturally open their body and it happens subconsciously when they set up their alignment to the target. If you imagine gripping the club, where the right hand is lower down than our left one, you will notice that your right shoulder tilts down slightly and a touch forward. Likewise with your right hip, this will be forward a fraction. Admittedly these movements are slight but you are in fact opening your body to the golf ball.

To appreciate a golfer’s open body more clearly you can drop your right hand further down the golf club. By having the right hand  below your left hand by about a foot you can exaggerate what happens to the body and the way in which it naturally opens. Just by doing this you can see how easy it is to incorrectly align your body squarely to the direction line. 

As a result of opening our body it causes the following three conditions to happen:

* Your aim is to the left

* You set up in a position to hit from outside to inside before you have started the backswing

* Your shoulder turn and backswing are restricted, this one is a big reason for lack of power.

In correcting your alignment to need to consider these check points:

The hips need to positioned so that they are parallel to the direction line. As the player looks down at his grip the club shaft should be to the left of the fly of his trousers by two inches, if you look at your club standing against the wall you will see that the grip is ahead of the club face.

if you have an open foot stance it can be difficult to square the shoulders and hips. We look for a square position but in actual fact it is easiest if the stance is closed. As an aside this is why a golfer can hook a shot far easier from a closed stance, as opposed to an open one. As the body is square to the ball or facing slightly to the right the club comes farther from the inside.

Once a golfer has squared their hips and shoulders they will begin to take straight divots, if not inside to out ones.

So finally, remember these checkpoints and drills to ensure you don’t have an incorrect alignment.

AND THE FOLLOWING IS SO TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golf is hard enough as it is without handicapping yourself before you have even started your back swing . !!!!!! 

Keep working Gents...

Tip number 05


Swing the club back to the point where you feel a tightness in your shoulders; at the point of tightness your downswing thought is 'turning your left hip'.

It works, really it does; so downswing thought is turning your left hip.

If you try it with your wedge you will see it works well, and from there go through all your clubs with the same thought.

Good luck Gents!!!!!

Some words of Golf Wisdom, I think it's great, I hope you enjoy reading the following.

Golf is happiness
Its intoxication
Without the hangover.
Its stimulation
Without the pills.
Its price is high
Yet its rewards are richer.
Some say it's a boy's pastime
Yet it builds men.
It cleanses the mind
Yet rejuvenates the body.
It is these things and more
For those of us who know it and LOVE IT,

Tip number 04

Hi all,
Now it starts to get tough!

I take it that you are keeping the triangle on the half backswing; now I would like you to get to the half way point, as you have been doing, and start your down swing with your lower body. NOT YOUR UPPER BODY, THIS IS A BIG NO NO!!!

You need to clear your lower body, as in your hips, to allow the arms to come through to the finish. If you don't your arms will just slam into your body, and this leads to an over the top swing.

A simple way to try it is to imagine you are skimming a stone across the water. Look at your movement and feel your balance; I bet you can keep good balance, and you will also see you hips clear to allow your arms to come through to a nice finish. Please do not fall into the trap of using your upper body alone.

Again, keep this movement as smooth and as powerful as you can, and you will see just how much power and control you get by doing this movement.

Think about this guys; you didn't have to learn to skim that stone across the water, it is your body acting in a natural way. So, if it is natural to the body and you are finding it hard, that means you have to clear your mind and listen to your body.

Keep working guys, it's a natural move; body over mind, body over mind.

Tip number 03

When you have set up to the ball, you will notice you create a triangle, make just half a backswing trying to keep the triangle on the backswing , and also on the follow through.

Keep as relaxed as you can, so you can feel the weight of the club head, by just keeping this triangle you will find that you hit nice crisp shots with SPIN.

Its best to start at a target around 30 yards using a PW or SI, WHEN you feel your hitting the ball well then step up 5 or ten yards.

What you are doing here is what you will be doing in the full swing, so the more relaxed and fluid you are the smoother your swing will be..... remember guys smooth is power in golf !!!!!!

And what you are doing in all these tips is building a good BASIC golf swing....

good luck guys.. ENJOY !!!!!!

Tip number 02

The single most important - and frequently overlooked - full swing fundamental in golf is the setup position.
At address, your body (feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes) should be positioned parallel to the target line. 
The easiest way to conceptualise this is the image of a railroad track. The
body is on the inside rail and the ball is on the outside rail.
You want your ball about half an inch left of center in your stance (for right handed golfers).
Please don't fall into the trap of having your ball position to far forward because you have heard that you have to hit the driver on the up swing, the ball should be just inside your left heel.
Just think about it, you have to have the feeling you are hitting down on the ball, if your irons are just left of center, then thats it where your swing bottoms out, so by moving the ball to inside your left heel means your are hitting on the up swing.
Please remember, in golf to make the ball go up in the air you have to HIT DOWN ON THE BALL.
The top golfers in the world work really hard on what you have just read !!!!!
Think about your set up and put some practice time in, and you will improve!!!! 
Last of all people, KEEP TRYING, THE REWARDS ARE AMAZING !!!! 
Tip number 01
I would like to start by talking about the golf grip, its the only contact you have with the club.
And I think most people think it's boring to talk about and also practice!!!! Many golfers buy golf books and cds about how to swing the club!!!!!!, but 99.9% skip the first chapter about the grip, and fast forward to how they can hit the ball 300 yards, just remember golf swings differ, but the basic grip is the same for all good players.
So I would like you to go and look up on how to grip the club, just remember one thing, that you want your palms to face each other.  
I hope you will look up on this, and practice a liitle, the results will surprise you.....  
Last of all, YOU ONLY GET OUT OF GOLF WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!