Udon Thani Golf

Recently we have been having talks with the Udon Thani Golf  (UTG); some of their members you will know because they also play with Khon Kaen Golf.

They have followed Khon Kaen Golf in setting up a web site. If you want to look at their site follow the link below. When on the site you will notice a couple of the pages 'look very similar to ours' in content. They asked to be able to do this and we agreed, no point in inventing the wheel twice.

UTG play at various locations around Udon Thani, normally on a Monday. They have cordially invited any member of KKG who wishes to join them on their golf days to do so, you will be made most welcome. Please let their organisers know in advance that you will be turning up. Details of all their golf days can be found on their web site (see below), just access the 'Calendar' page.

There is a reciprocal arrangement for any UTG member who wishes to join a KKG Golf event.

You can look at their site by clicking on this link.